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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

FASHION: "Welcome to Second Life" Lacy Muircastle reporting

Josue Habana
Staff Reporter
• Wednesday, October 13, 2010
I happened across one Josue Habana on 'twitter'. Josue describes himself as a “Proud Father, Second Life & other virtual worlds user, SEO & Internet Marketing Dude, lover of poetry, keen blogger... compulsive writer. Live. Learn. Love”.

So what I hear you ask? I have found it difficult to explain what Second Life is to people who have not been in to see it for themselves, but who nevertheless have an opinion as to what it is. Now Josue has provided a perfect answer to that question! That is what.
Read it for yourself and let me know what you think...

A “rhyming” invitation to all those with pre-conceived ideas about Second Life and Second Lifers to come and try it out for themselves 
Contrary to all ideas
You may have pre-conceived,
I’m not a weirdo geek or freak,
Despite what you believe.

I don’t live in a basement,
On my own just eating junk,
I don’t have obscure fetishes,
Not socially defunct.

I’m not a guy who’s getting off
Pretending he’s a chick,
I’m not a chick pretending
That she’s really got a dick!

I’m just a guy, who tends to like
This thing called “Second Life.”
It’s not a tool for cheating,
Or a pixel dial-a-wife.

It’s a place I go to share, create,
A place I go to be
Surrounded by poetic folk
And set my writer free.

You think it’s just a game,
So let me offer clarity,
Music, business, learning,
Art, new friends and charity.

And that is just the tip, my friend,
If you really want to see
What we achieve in Second Life
Then turn off your TV.

Leave your pre-conceived ideas
And your stereotypes behind,
Drop the chip from off your shoulder
And come in with open mind.

Josue, thank you for this truly insightful piece of work.


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