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Monday, May 17, 2010

Lanai's Diary: 5 YEARS LATER. Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Staff Reporter
• Monday, May 17, 2010
I literally woke up one day back in October of 2004 and decided I needed to be a virtual world journalist because I wanted to write about what was going on. Also to throw a little salt on the issues that lingered in that primitive virtual culture..

Moving the paper to Second Life from The SIMS Online in 2005 during the great TSO migration, I just continuing what I was doing and ended up on the throne this past week celebrating a milestone while waving like a drama queen in a popularity contest. But I'm not complaining...

5 Years later, not much has changed with my delusions of grandeur except for tons more readers to the newspaper, loads of inquiries and a host of creative friends who share this same shameless virtual world addiction.

On Mother's Day, (May 9th) my avie turned 5 and I didn't even log into SL. I pretty much let it slip by like all the other years. Except, this year it happened to be a real holiday and I happened to be dining out of town and celebrating with my RL family. After logging in the next day I got to talking to Sir Brennen and mentioned never having a Rezzday party....

On Thursday May 13, The SL Enquirer's Official DJ Sir Brennen aka DJ Detroit hit the turntables running at GC Radio's Chief Inglewood's Club Emerald promptly at 5pm SLT.

Club Emerald was decorated with multi colored balloons, a flurry of festive lights and particles illuminating from ceiling the dance floor. My 3 tier 5Y Rezzday cake sat on a table near the DJ booth and a giant slide show screen looping years worth of snapshots was displayed at the other end of the club. .

Getting ready for my party that evening, I felt like a Princess as I placed my RSS Crown on my head and slipped on my jewels. Arrived to meet with Sir at the club 15 minutes before in anticipation of a supposed “Lanai Roast” . He asked if I was ready before sending out the first of the notices.

Within minutes, the place was crawling with SLebrities dressed in white and looking like Angels as they filled the center of the dance floor. Not a Wallflower was left just standing there and the would be Roast never really happened despite someones threats to break out all my scandals.

Instead it was a blast from the past with many of my old friends loading me up with gifts and loot while digging deep through old memories. We reminisced and shared laughs about when we were noobs and how we met.

With everything from House Music, Hip Hop and R&B to old school and prim baby making slow jams. Sir kept the party flowing as SL Socialite Zya Savira played matchmaker.

A couple of hours passed with Slebrities coming and going and I was so happy to see many of my friends and family gathered in one place.

SLE's own Reporters, Fashion write Lacy Muircastle looked dazzling in a sexy one piece white jumpsuit while our feisty Sports & Leisure writer, Stacey Cardalines took to the dance floor doing spins and throwing kicks as Security PC Spitteler danced cautiously nearby. Ramon Federal, a new writer to the family could be seen observing his first SLE Style party hopefully not still in shock.

The SLE Astrology team, Linda Lauren & Sumi Portola made an appearance both wearing very neatly pressed white dress suits. Unbeknownst to the crowd they were taking video and posting it on facebook!

Nightfire Entertainment's Scorpinosis Nightfire, made his presence felt while representing NF ENT. in Style with his two lovely team members Nani Xue and Prissy Price looking classy, sexy and cool.

BOSL's Magazine Mogul, the one and only Frolic Mills came for the first hour in all his sharpness and showing off his very fluid dancing skills. Bringing along his chimera and inviting people to hop on. Before I knew it, Frolic turned dance choreographer making everyone twist pop and lock it at the same time.

West of Ireland's Caledonia Skytower stopped by and so did Imagine Magazine's CEO, Hugen Ocello who was spotted in the crowd. Press Pass Media's Carmichael Caudron arrived in all his hotness and so did BOSL's Journalist Sonicity Fitzroy who was snapping photos and taking in the atmosphere for her report.

My sidekick/ Starbucks runner and Roadkill Bunnies Owner, Orion Baral finally recovered from the whole Easter Bunny thing and came all decked out in a white suit looking like a cake topper with Shoutcast Stream's CEO Tammy Toll by his side wearing her hair in a cute up do style and stunning gown with a scandalous plunge.

MNP's Musician, KevinMThomas Carpool arrived fresh from a gig and ended up getting a little bit of a swooning from yours truly. It's not a shameless party until a rock star become your personal dance pole and I totally took full advantage of that opportunity.

By the 4th hour, I was virtually tipsy from the bottle I had in my kung fu grip for most of the night until Royal Secret Society's Prince Sonoda rezzed in front of me wearing a captivating white suit. I sobered right up. There we were in the middle of the dance floor. All eyes were on us as the whole room stopped to watch as he took my hand like a true Prince, bowed and kissed it gently while wishing me a very Special Rezzday.

At this time, all my rubbernecker friends looked on like deer in headlights thinking it was an alleged proposal, which I must clear up and say sorry but no it was not an engagement, It's how RSS greet each other. I will admit though, I was blushing all sorts of shades for the rest of the night.

By 10 pm slt, I was completely exhausted and poured myself into bed feeling like a true Princess for a day. Sir Brennen with the help of the SLE Family, were determined to put on a 5 hour celebration and it turned out to be one of the best dang Rezzday parties I have ever witnessed and not just saying that because this was actually my first..

Many thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with me. I truly felt loved and had an amazing time that I'll never forget.

Music Entertainment Provided by DJ Detroit aka Sir Brennen

Location provided by Chief Ingelwood

Visit Club Emerald.

Check out BOSL's Article on my party! Written by Sonicity Fitzroy


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