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Monday, March 22, 2010

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: PrimSavers - Lacy Muircastle Reporting ...

PrimSavers – You only live Twice!

Primsavers has an extensive range of furniture and other home decor ideas, all of which are designed specifically with prim count in mind. PrimSavers strives for exquisite quality and extremely low prim count.
Floyd Mistwalker of PrimSavers is a master magician when it comes to manipulating the use of prims. In fact he has it down to a fine art!

Alright, let's understand what we have here.

What we have is Floyd Mistwalker having tortured the prim to within an inch of its existence and magically conjured up entire sets of furniture using the absolutely bare minimum in prims and in many cases no more than just 1 prim!

He only ever uses the best poses (no static freebie poses for him) in all his furniture. You are always offered multiple texture options in order to fit in with any decor scheme.  

Floyd’s goal is to offer full sets of furniture for offices, stores, houses, patios, beaches, etc, all composed of 1 prim items, with the aim of providing beautiful furniture for Second Life while using low LOD rendering. LOD = level of detail - you will note that many sculpties deform beyond recognition as soon as you move away from them. Floyd Mistwalker of PrimSavers consciously designs his latest creations not to do this, at the same time keeping prices low especially when compared to the level of effort involved in designing these pieces of furniture.

If you join the PrimSavers Insiders group you will be are entitled to a 20% discount on any item purchased through the in store vendors. So join the group to take advantage of the discount and to receive updates on new arrivals as well as other news related to primSavers.

If you pay a visit to the store you will be able to see that they run many promotions and hunts.
The master prim magician, Floyd Mistwalker, is available for custom work and will also often make free versions of certain products available

Visit the PrimSavers store @

Visit the PrimSavers website @


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