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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

FASHION - Last days to subscribe to the new Miss Eagle's Rave 2011 contest!

Only few days left to subscribe to this wonderful contest, the subscriptions will be closing on the 16th of January and the first evening will be held on the 28th of January! For the details please read below, and for further information you can contact Robert67 Soulstar (SIM Owner), Natasha Bracula (SIM Manager) or Mara Klaber (SIM Media Manager). Hurry up, only few days remaining to have the possibility of becoming the firt "Miss Eagle's Rave 2011"!

In detail, the contest will consist in parading in the theater of Eagle's Rave wearing dresses on display in stores in the same SIM. The competitors will wear three outfits: an elegant dress, a casual / urban / sport dress and a sexy dress in a full swimsuit or underwear, be it fabric, latex or leather as long as there is absolutely no vulgar exposition of breast or intimate areas. Dressing sexy will allow the jury to evaluate the choice of shape and proportion, then the combination of the skin. Therefore it is necessary to expose as much as possible of the body without exceeding as indicated above. The use of shoes is free for the sexy outfit, while it is required in the elegant/casual outfits and will constitute a reason for granting the voting in connection with the harmonious selection of the complete outfit. The choice of hair is absolutely free and also contribute to the overall final evaluation. If the jury or the staff believe that one or more competitors have not complied with the above guidelines, hence becoming vulgar, such candidates will be expelled from the competition at the discretion of the jury.
Awards are planned for the first three in the ranking, including the following:
1) The winner will receive the title of "MISS EAGLE'S RAVE 2011", will receive a specific tiara, a recognition in the form of a certificate, and a prize of $ 5000L and a free course at the school for professional models held by Chanel Jungsten;
2) The second in the rank will receive a personalized certificate as 2nd place, a prize of $ 2500L and a 50% discount at the school for professional models held by Chanel Jungsten;
3) The third in the rank will receive a personalized certificate as 3rd place, a prize of $ 1250L and a 25% discount at the school for professional models held by Chanel Jungsten;
4) For all participants a certificate of participation in Miss Eagle's Rave 2011.
The names of the girls admitted to the competition will be posted in the web space of Eagle's Rave on Moolto, Facebook and SL Enquirer starting from January 16. This is to allow  everybody to verify and confirm their participation and to report any contacts who might not respect the rules. In this case we may resort to an alert to the jury.
Transmitting the subscription to the competition implies that you have read the rules and gives the Jury full powers to express its opinion and then the possible exclusion for failure to comply with the requirements. The jury will be composed by Chanel Jungsten (Jury President and owner of the Modeling agency CJ Model Agency), Matelda Core (owner of Mas Shape), a staff member of Eagle's Rave, Edward Mosely (Manager of the Edmose Group) and a member of the SLEnquirer.
The choice of clothing has been ruled in order not to penalize or encourage any store. For this reason, every brand will be chosen by a maximum of 4 candidates (if the brand in question has multiple genres - such as casual and elegant - the choice become 4+4). The candidates will be called following the order of transmission of the subscription to the competition, and accompanied by the staff of Eagle's Rave, will be informed about the availability of clothes and then the staff will take note of the choice made by each candidate. Once terminated the four choices of a type of brand, the Brand will be deleted from the list of those available. This is to ensure the uniqueness of the outfits and avoid the candidates to parade with the same dress, favoring a stylist at the expense of another. It is clear that the first to register will then have a wider choice, although given the wide availability of clothing provided by the designers there will still be a huge availability for everybody.

Kelsey Moonwall


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