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Saturday, March 19, 2011

MISS TROPIC HAWAIIAN 2011- Registration begins March 20th Until July 16th. Get in where you fit in ladies!


To be considered a contestant for this pageant, you must be a female human avatar.  If you fit this qualification, please fill out the form below, insert 2 photos of yourself and send to Twstd Ruggles along with your registration fee of 350L.  Photos submitted should be a close up face shot AND a full body shot.  Your best picture will be inserted inside of a voting panel at The Tropic Hawaiian Headquarters for people to vote on.
·         All contestants must be present on the day of the pageant in order to compete.
·         The competition will be judged in 3 different categoriesSwimsuit, evening gown and interview categories. 
·         Our panel of judges will score for each category, and all points will be added up, some contestants with the lowest points will be eliminated at the end of each competition.  
·         The contestant who has the highest score overall, will win the crown, the prize money, gifts and the title of Miss Tropic Hawaiian 2011. 
·         All contestants participating in the pageant will receive gifts.  

Mahalo for your interest and good luck to all!

-Twstd Ruggles

 The voting portion of our pageant is the fund raising segment and will determine who will participate in the pageant.    All votes cost 1L each. 
·         Panels will be open for voting 2 weeks (July 17th through July 31st) and the first 20 contestants with the highest votes will become the official contestants of the beauty pageant on August 6th. 
·         Voters are allowed to vote as many times as they want and for as many people as they want. 
·         Contestants are allowed to vote for themselves or other contestants.  The contestant with the most votes will win immunity of elimination during entire pageant.
·         Top 3 girls with the highest votes will win special gifts from top designers of SL. All entries must be submitted for voting by July 16th at 12 noon slt. 
Top 20 Finalists
Top 20 finalists will have the opportunity to compete for the crown as Miss Tropic Hawaiian 2011!
 The competition will take place at Bruddah Iz Amphitheater in Oahu on Saturday, August 6th at 1pm slt. 
This event was aired on Metaverse TV for the past 2 years. (
view past years pageant here at this web address

*******ENTRY FORM/ QUESTIONS********
(copy and paste this form to an in-world note card)
1. SL First Name & SL Last Name:
2. SL Age:
3. Have you ever competed in SL pageant before?
4. If so, which ones(s)?
5. Have you ever won an SL pageant?
6.  If so which one(s)?
7. Will you be able to compete if chosen as contestant on August 6th at 1pm slt?
8. Do you understand that if you do become a contestant and you don't show up for competition, then your place in the pageant will be filled by a runner up?
9. Do you understand that at any time during voting portion of the pageant you decide to drop out of the competition that all paid votes are non refundable?
******************** *********************

Thank you for your interest in becoming a contestant in the 4th Annual Miss Tropic Hawaiian 2011 pageant.  This pageant is a nonprofit fund raiser for The Compassionate Coalition. (

Copy and paste this Entry Form to an in-world note card and include 2 photos . (One close up and one full body image) 
Return form to Twstd Ruggles with your registration fee of 350L.


  1. I'm looking forward to being a Judge for the 3rd year in a row! Good luck to all the ladies that enter this event, we will have a blast!

    Lanai Jarrico


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