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Friday, March 11, 2011

Stuff To Keep Your Avatar Busy This Weekend

We got you covered if you're looking for stuff to keep you busy this weekend.

Watch a virtual nation descend into chaos!
Libya is all over the news. Libya has fighting in the streets, a defiant ruler, an enraged populace, a vibrant oil economy, and the eyes of the world upon them.
If you live in a comfortable American suburb like I do, you may not get this kind of action in your life. It's probably not a good idea to travel over there and be the only Paleface in the tribe, either.
However, you can go down to virtual Tripoli and see what's what with the Locals. when I was there, I didn't see any bombers or street-fighting. The Internet is sor of spotty there, so you may not see any actual Libyans.
Either way, history is happening. You can either go to virtual Libya or you can go play golf or something.. it's all good to me.

Why Get Hurt When You Can Watch Other People Get Hurt?
The SFL is going strong. I'll admit, we didn't like their chances back when they were newer and struggling. However, a lot of words were eaten when the SFL started playing a steady series of games this season.
But don't take my word for it... come down and see for yourself. They have several games this weekend.
The games are held at the SFL Stadium.

Saturday, 3 PM... Onyx Bills vs Frank's Lions

Sunday, 3 PM... Lion's Den Patriots vs Twisted Vikings

Hockey Krishnas Unite!
We also have a 100% chance of some hockey in the weekend forecast.
GOHA- the Global Online Hockey Association- is well into season 12. Come down and scope some Hockey!
We love GOHA, because they run a league like it should be run. The arenas are nice, the people all get along, the participation is active, and they love newcomers. It's an easy sport to pick up, and they have excellent training available.
Here's the schedule, which has links to the stadium.

Come down to Divas at 9 AM Saturday, and watch a series of girl fights held in front of a bunch of savages!
I'm not fighting today... I got pretty much wiped out fighting the evil rookie Devastacia last Wednesday, and not even an avatar can come back so quickly from the beating I took.
However, there will be 3 great fights here today, so get down to the arena at Divas and watch the fur fly!


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