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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tummy Time!

If your Second Life isn't unusual enough, why not go to the Stomach Museum.

I'm not making this up. And no, this isn't some goof to allow me to post my St. Patty's Day vomiting pictures. The Stomach Museum is real.

I'll say it again. They have a Stomach Museum on SL. I'm standing in it as I write this.

There's probably a good reason that someone made a Stomach Museum. I'd imagine that some med student who wants to be a gastroenterologist may have set this up as a senior thesis/project.

I don't even want to know. It's a better to just walk into the Stomach museum and just take the ride. I'm not even going to waste any time writing/describing it to you... I want your Stomach Museum experience to be unexpected. It's not kinky or anything, just very odd. Informative and concise, but odd nonetheless.

Head on down to the Stomach Museum... trust me.


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