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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Paparazzi hit the Chill Lounge on April 5th – Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

When you think of an SL party, you may think of loud music, random banter , gestures flooding the screen and avatars dressed in club wear, grinding all up on the dance floor.  But not this party,  it was more of a relaxing atmosphere with mellow music, great people and a nice way to end a Tuesday night.

 The SL Enquirer's Rooftop Chill Lounge, New Design

 Every first Tuesday of the Month Black Soul Rhythms Radio and The SL Enquirer have teamed up to bring fans BSR Radio broadcasts live at our media center’s Rooftop Chill Lounge.

 BSR’s CEO, Dj Marjorie Dibou, who is shown above, is an exceptional DJ. She comes prepared and delivers a great set of music that touches your soul and makes you want to just swoon around and raise your glass in the air saying Hell Yeah, because you are feeling the groove.

   Accompanied by Zeus Inaka , Charity Richez, shown in the beautiful blue summer dress, is a great host.  She makes sure everyone is greeted and sees that guests are having a nice time.

Zeus Inaka & Charity Richez

As the classy, sexy cool guests spread out in the Chill Lounge, Baldbaby Latte was spotted breaking it down on the dance floor.

Nearby SLE’s own sports writer, Stacey Cardalines showed her support for the Bears, dressed in her cheerleaders outfit, complete with pompoms.

Warrington Skytower join the party and  took  to some dancing just as expectant mother-to be Ioana Sockington arrived with her man, Alfie Silvershade, sporting the pink shirt and jeans.

Warrington Skytower

Ioana Sockington & Alfie Silvershade

Bliss Dinzel even made an appearance, wearing a lovely spring dress.

Bliss Dinzel

Paparazzi didn’t miss Sean Namori heating up the dance floor in his suit and tie.

Acuminous Watanabe was also spotted at SLE’s Chill Lounge, gracefully working that dress.

Across the room Spirit Wingtips and Oriana Robertson sat at a booth to chill and carry on a conversation.

Nightclub DJ Midnight Ohare came shirtless sporting an array of body art and his own personal style. That man handled his woman Magnolya Citron, on the dance floor. Those two did their thing with such finesse that it was hard for paparazzi to keep their eyes off of them.

 Throughout the party, guests were encouraged to enter the Spotlight Feature Drawing and at9 pm slt,  Cursa Charisma won!

In a Nutshell, the crowd wasn’t that big last night, nothing outrageous happened and we didn’t have to deal with lag or crashing issues.  It was just a chill way to end a Tuesday Night. 

Special thanks to Black Soul Rhythms Radio, Marjorie Dibou, Charity Richez and everyone for coming out and showing your support. Congratulations to our Spotlight feature winner, Cursa Charisma.

Next BSR Radio Live Broadcast from SLE’s Chill Lounge will be on May 3rd, 2011 7-9pm slt
* Themed Event* (More details TBA)

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