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Monday, June 20, 2011

GOHA Playoffs Underway

SL's premier hockey league is in playoff season, and Stacey has worked herself into the marketing scheme...

If you're a fan of virtual hockey, or even if you just want to see it played for the first time, make a pointof getting out to GOHA's playoff games.

GOHA is the Global Online Hockey Association, and they have been in operation pretty much since SL was in operation. You could make a fairly sound argument that their playoff trophy is the most prestigious one in SL sports.

They have two conferences, North American and European. Each conference plays for a conference title (In North America, it is the Global Cup... Europeans play for the Tomba Cup) and a consolation bracket known as the Toilet Bowl.

The Blades won the Euro League, and the Euro TB is still being decided as the Foxes and Ravens slug it out. The NA titles are all still on the table. The Cobras and the Moose (I call them Mooses, but English is language #2 for me) are playing for the Global Cup, while the Mammoth and the Polar Bears square off for the TB.

Here's the GOHA schedule, which was just updated. Come on down and watch a game. Yours truly is a Puckette, and will cheerlead tirelessly.


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