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Monday, June 27, 2011

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: New Ballet Company Presents " Swan"

Photo by Fae Varriale
Now I can add dancing to horseback riding, sky diving and a few other things I have done in SL that I would have never had the chance or ability to do in real life. I got involved with Swan as an opportunity to work with friend and fellow storyteller Dubhna Rhiadra, for whom I have great respect.  She asked me if I would narrate a collaborative story-dance piece she had been working on and I was honored to accept.  Then, at a rehearsal, I was asked if I would be so kind as to stand in for a missing member of the corps, and suddenly I became a virtual ballerina.  I truly became a part of Independent Ballet Company and their debut production of Swan which is now performing at venues around the grid.

Photo by Fae Varriale
Independent Ballet is a new ballet company with some of SL's most experienced dancers and artists as members.  The company is comprised of musicians, artists, and other creative people who come together to work on their own ideas - collaborating, sharing, laughing and creating.

With Swan the Independent Ballet Company weaves together the magic of original choreography with classical/ fusion music, live storytelling of an original story written especially for the piece, performed against a backdrop of original SL art.  The story itself is a mixture of traditional form with inspiration drawn from a number of sources including the Gulf Oil Spill.

Swan uses live voice and music stream. The show is approx 45 minutes long, beginning with the presentation of the story by a single narrator, and the ballet piece following with the company of  dancers.  The story explores the conflict of the quest for power and knowledge with the wisdom of the natural world as one man attempts to find out the secrets of a group of ancient magical beings - swans.  Stunning visuals were created by artist Fae Varriale, with Dubhna Rhiadra and Deyna Broek providing direction for the dancing.  There is a lake and there are swans, but this is NOT Swan Lake!

Photo by Fae Varriale
The  debut performance of Swan was at SL8B on Stage 1, with a second performance that same week at Lavendyr Fields.  Audience comments included:

"It really is the most technically accomplished performance I've ever seen. Believe me it makes a difference"

"It was loads of fun . . . It's very well done indeed."

"Amazingliy realistic - Bravo!  Oh - it was so beautiful. I sometimes had to look twice - to see if it was RL"

"Stunning choice of programme… thank you ㋡"

Performances will continue into July:

At Branwen Arts: Friday, July 1 at 3pm -

At the Isle of Mists:  Saturday, July 16 at Noon -

At Garden for Change: Friday, July 22 at 3pm - (SLURL Pending)

At Dance Queen's Dance Festival: Saturday, July 23 at Noon - (SLURL Pending)

Additional shows are tentatively planned at Info Island for the Community Virtual Library, and more.  Those interested in hosting a performance of Swan while it is on tour should contact Dubhna Rhiadra in world.

 ~ Caledonia Skytower, Reporting
"Any ink is good ink, even if it is virtual."


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