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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spotlight Feature- Interview with Auster Elan from GIZZA Carmy Sonata Reporting...

Auster Elan
Gizza is one the most famous places in the virtual world, these fashions are really loved by a lot of avatars across the grid and it's  group is very generous with its members. Many time they offer special gifts for gents and ladies.

I met Auster Elan, Gizza's creator and designer and he answered some questions about second life's fashion.

Carmy Sonata :When did you start your designer activity?

auster Elan: I started about a year ago in secondlife.

Carmy Sonata Where do you find inspiration to create your dresses?

auster Elan: I can say my inspiration is my own secret. First of all I start from an idea, an image in my mind. Sometime the image can be different, in the end. Under construction I even add something new to the initial idea. But of course I read the part of this creative power infrastructure..

More over, it's important to take photos for fashion and a style is a long process to create. I think  that I did it..

Carmy Sonata:  What is the basica concept in your creations?

auster Elan:I have no edges for my designs. I work to allow my costumers to wear my creations in every day Second Life.  Sometimes I design magnificient dresses, sometimes small secret attractive ones.
My costumers love my designs because they can wear them in day time or evening :)
But, I can say that I think most of the time about  elegance.

Carmy Sonata: What is your education background. Did you study art or designer in rl?

auster Elan:I am professional photographer in real life. And I am graduated at the stage design department in faculty of fine arts. I have a lot of information about costume and design

Carmy Sonata:How many people are wearing your creations?

auster Elan: I think most of avatars wear gizza outfits :)

Carmy Sonata : Have you had any problem with copy-bot or similar? I mean: did anyone steal your items?

auster Elan: this problem is the most populer problem for real designers in sl :) A lot of times, thieves hurt me :( everyone need to be sensitive on this subject)

Carmy Sonata: What do you think about second life fashion system? Is it similar to real life?

auster Elan: In second life the way of changing one's dresses is quick and also usually problems about fashion are solving quickly. I think that this system is similar to real life.

Carmy Sonata : Can we have some news about your latest fashion?

auster Elan: I think 2011 is a very important year for Gizza. Because we are planning a lot of progress.. Gizza will be in live performance and make adversiting with every materials.

I think we will exit the street  this year :)

GizzA Creations
Gizza was founded by Giz Seorn. Giz  is a designer and  professional photographer in real life for 15 years.
Her aim is to deal with fashion and endorse good jobs.

Gizza seeks to create quality and realistic texture and in different designs. Her  goal is climb upwards and work with different and private textures and private designs.

If you want to find  1,200 different  varieties of clothes for both male and female avatars, Gizza Creations caters to all tastes with compatible colors and  effects that show off curves.  Responsive to the needs of a fashion brand. Everything in Gizza (Casual and formal clothing,  wedding dress , shoes until  accessories) Gizza mainstore, is just a teleport away, waiting for you.

credits:Gizza Creations won BOSL Award  Best New Desinger  2011
and The best men's designer contest Glance ... 2. be


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