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Friday, June 17, 2011

STUDIO 777 ™ Get Lucky. Come Play With Us and You'll Win!



(`'•.¸ We have amazing stores in our New Designer Mall! There's also
Free Play DEAL, NO DEVIL & ZYNGO there, along with a very cool new
amusement park ride called FREE FALL... it takes you 3,000 meters in
the air and drops you! Here's the Landmark... please support our VIP
retailers including the SL Enquirer, and if you're looking for a place
to sell your creations we'd like to help you succeed!


In Second Life's ALL Search, STUDIO 777 is in the TOP 10 for SHOP,
FUN & More! Check SL Search and come be part of STUDIO 777 with your
store, adboard, or sponsorship! Over 15,000 in our Group and 170,000
Unique Guests have Gotten Lucky with us and we'd like to help make
your project successful!

STUDIO 777 is the FUSION of a High Energy Dance Club and Skill Based
Gaming Resort that brings the fun and action of Vegas and Monte Carlo
to you 24/7! 777 gives away over L$100,000 in CASH & PRIZES Weekly,
including VISTA Animations AOs, Homestead SIMS from LalaLand, EMH
Motors Luxury Cars & Maverick Designs Shapes & Skins! LIVE EVENTS
EVERY NIGHT FROM 6-8PM SLT (9-11PM Eastern) with Sexy Dancers, Live
DJ's, Costume Contests, Giveaways, Cash, Prizes and Jackpots. STUDIO

STUDIO 777 was inspired by the concept of creating a fusion of popular
Second Life activities with the initial focus on a Dance Megaclub and
Skill Based gaming resort; we custom built 777 to achieve those

The combination of these highly popular activities has proven to be a
tremendously winning combination: Over L$10 Million has been Won or
earned by Guests, 777's Players Group is over 15,000 active members,
Subscribe-O-Matic has nearly 2,000 subscribers, and 170,000 Unique
Guests have spent 10,000,000 Minutes in the Club and on our Land with
continuing monthly growth.

* Average Unique Guests Daily: Between 400-500, Approximately 3,200
Unique Guests per Week, 14,000 per month
* Average Minutes Spent Daily at 777 is between 18,000 and 20,000,
Approximately 100,000 Minutes per Week, 400,000 Minutes per Month

Example Stats (Full Stats including Historical Available Upon Request):
Unique visitors today = 443, yesterday = 487, total = 171,590 Guests
Visitor minutes on your land today = 22,878, Yesterday = 22,850, Total
= 10,145,739 Minutes

STUDIO 777 achieved and maintains these desirable metrics due to
several distinctive features and competencies:

1. 777 maximizes potential for advertisers and sponsors on both the
Dance Club and skill-based gaming side. In addition to events, 777
also runs 24/7 Trivia, 7Seas Fishing, nearly 20 Midnight Madness and
Mania boards and many other free giveaways and opportunities for
Guests to earn L$.

Opportunities are available for new sponsors to provide weekly
high-end prizes for Event Contest Winners. Sponsors include VISTA
ANIMATIONS AOs (the only club in Second Life permitted by Vista Barnes
to award VISTA AO prizes, LalaLand Real Estate, EMH Motors, Maverick
Designs, Kayliwulf Kingdom Latex and many others. Because we are
"Vegas like," ideal prizes are yachts, jets, cruises and other Vegas
type prizes.

Advantages for sponsors and advertisers include not only live Event
promotion (including On Air from our DJ's), but a full range of
marketing and advertising in the club and in world.

2. 777's top priority is advertising, marketing and promotion, all of
which benefits our sponsors, retailers and advertisers. 777 is one of
Second Life's largest advertisers (over L$75,000 a month) with
adboards, group notices, publicity, and creative marketing... we reach
over 500,000 Residents a day (15 Million Residents Monthly!). 777 can
introduce your new products, concepts or stores to millions of Second
Life Residents in our Event Notices, Calendar (see below) and other
areas; we're interested in unique partner tie-ins.

* 777 aggressively and constantly promotes to Residents about Events,
special offers, giveaways, contests and the success of the Club. 777
has three dedicated promoters running on our servers that reach 90 top
groups 24/7 in Groups and IMs... 300,000 avatars daily.
* Some of our advertising/marketing partners include SLBiz2Life,
SecondAds, AM Advertising, RezAds, AdFusion, Bletaverse, A&P MM&LC,
First Advertising in Second Life and many others, reaching nearly 400
more groups.
* 777 is one of the top advertisers at Job Locations, with active
advertising at Nachtigal Job Agency, Jobstar, SLJobs, Exposed
Jobcenter, VHEA (Virtual Horizons Employment Agency), Virtual Desire,
Second Careers and many others with permission to send information
(Notices & IMs) to their groups (over 40,000 members) once or twice a
* 777 has high visibility adboards in many of SL's most popular SIMs,
including Dance Island, Le Cabaret, Kayliwulf Kingdom Latex, Money
Tree Island and many others; Over 500 active Adboards; with our
compelling art and calls to action (Party and Win) 777 receives
clickthrus far beyond the norm.
* 777 gives away over L$100,000 in Cash and Prizes weekly, all
dedicated to enhancing the Guest and sponsor/advertiser experience.

3. Our professional, experienced Team of over 60 is dedicated to top
customer service, creating fun for Guests and to helping our sponsors
and advertisers succeed.

777 is flexible on Advertising and Sponsorship packages; some examples
are Weekly Contest Prizes, Store Only, Store + Group Promotion, Store
+ All Group Promotion (including to third party groups). It would be a
pleasure to work with you for mutual success; please contact Luke
Slingshot or KariAnne Starsmith for additional details and pricing.

About STUDIO 777™: STUDIO 777 is a high energy Dance MegaClub and
Skill Based Gaming Resort in the tradition of the Hard Rock and
PRIZES DAILY! 7Seas Fishing & Contests, Shopping ♦ Non Stop L$5
Trivia, Free Clothes, Gifts and Nightlife bring Las Vegas and Monte
Carlo to you 24/7! Come play hundreds of world-class skill based games
including NO DEVIL, Aargle Zymurgy's Zyngo, 777Go, Zealy, DEAL
Evolution, King Bing, JADED Kickers®: Fratch, Sticker, Ballz, Koins,
Packo, MoonStar, Zuno, Wordz, Blackout, Jtris & Pairz Kickers, Bandido
Boothill, Hokus Pokus & Greedy. Offering FREE PLAY on some of your
favorite games! Join our sexy dancers, hot DJ's and friendly team,
and win L$777 Jackpots, L$1,000 Contests, and Prizes! Play over 300 of
SL's top games 24/7, and dance and WIN $$$ at our Parties every night!


What happens when you combine a high energy dance club with a skill
based gaming resort? Usually you're in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, or
Macau, but now the spirit and fun of gaming comes to a computer near
you - STUDIO 777 is on the Second Life grid. Featuring skill based
games, luxury apartments, shopping and nightlife, STUDIO 777 is an
entertainment destination dedicated to fun and great guest

Starring a one-of-a-kind, custom designed circular nightclub with
multi levels for dancing and gaming, STUDIO 777 incorporates products
and designs from some of Second Life's most creative developers,
including SHX Systems, PK Pounceworks, Synergy, DevShack, Klyks Klees
and Seigmancer Nino. From the legendary Aargle Zymurgy's Zyngo to
Jaded Designz' wildly popular Kicker games, STUDIO 777 features over
200 skill based games with high payout Jackpot boards and creative
concepts from Second Life's most talented designers.

Guests are invited to join costume and other contests for Lindens and
prizes, dance to the music of live DJ's from around the world, meet
new friends and be treated as VIPs by a dedicated management and staff
team with years of Second Life experience.

STUDIO 777 co-founder and CEO Luke Slingshot explained, "We have huge
respect and admiration for the groundbreaking nightclubs and arcades
in Second Life. Our vision is to bring these great concepts together
and produce a fun party destination where guests have an immersive
entertainment experience. We welcome partnerships and sponsorship
opportunities, and it would be an honor to collaborate with the
amazing gaming and entertainment communities in-world."

JADED Doobie, Founder of JADED Designz, commented: "We are grateful
for all of our customers and are always thrilled to see innovative
venues that provide a great gaming experience in exciting and new

Mudur Spyker, CEO of 3K Games, said, "Venues like STUDIO 777 create
and produce great showcases for 3K's growing collection of popular
games. We welcome STUDIO 777 and look forward to working together with
the team and our other valued partners."

LadyElena Machivelli, CEO of Da Monari Inc. (DMI) Agency, one of
Second Life's leading modeling and talent agencies, said, "STUDIO 777
is unique, and a resort with high quality, style and class. This could
rebuild the Vegas experience on Second Life. We look forward to
working together on the innovative and global projects residents
worldwide have come to expect from Da Monari."

STUDIO 777 is planning events like formal nights with glittering
showgirls in a Paris type review featuring feathered elegant costumes,
synchronized Rockette choreography and classic AOs; great live
entertainers who invoke the spirit of Vegas showrooms, whether
celebrity tributes or new original groups; and VIPs will be offered
apartments and special concierge services.

STUDIO 777's tagline is "Get Lucky" and 777's intention is for
everyone to win: guests, partners, advertisers, sponsors and the staff
team. As Second Life continues its revolutionary growth and
development, STUDIO 777 is dedicated to amplifying the convergence of
technology and entertainment.

Luke Slingshot, CEO
KariAnne Starsmith, Project Manager

STUDIO 777 ™, applications, notecards and all text and design is
Copyright © Studio 777 Partners. All rights reserved. All Trademarks,
Product Data, Logos, etc, including those of Linden Lab and Second
Life are the property of their respective Companies. Salary and Tips
subject to change. STUDIO 777 is proud to be equal opportunity and
welcomes all applicants.


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