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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Exploring your world, Virtually in Second Life- The Virtual Biodome created by The University of Washington -Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Hey Virtual World Explorers! I found an interesting expedition you can take through the Ancient Ruins of the Mayan Civilization!
Ever wondered about their culture and the many undiscovered secrets that these people held? Are you up for the journey and an educational experience through time? Teleport Now!

What is the Biodome?
This island is the graduated final project of University of Washinghton's Virtual Worlds Certificate 2011 Class.

Explore the four island areas to learn about Maya civilization >>>>

### Area 1: Medicine Village [East]

Take the Ha’men’s Apprentice Quest and get your active map! (Provided at location)

### Area 2: Mayan Science [South]

Station #1: Maya Agriculture

Station #2: Maya Fishing

Station #3: Maya Astronomy (sky platform)

### Area 3: Maya Mythology Triathlon [West]

Experience #1: Ball Game Challenge

-> hint: win the game & collect your prize to unlock the next level & visit the hidden location!

Experience #2: Three Stone Place - Maya Glyph Challenge

-> hint: play the challenge and discover the freebie Maya avatar

Experience #3: Highland Village with Thunderbolt Throwing Game & Creation Myth Cave

### Area 4: Explorer's Cove [North]

Visitor's center & coin mini hunt for the brave

Feel free to join the Maya Island Society to be informed about future activities & events!

### How to join Maya Island Society

1) Copy this link : secondlife:///app/group/d8c8109a-be25-cb30-ba4e-504566fc3a50/about   

2) Paste the link in your local chat window

3) Click on it (Maya Island Society)

4) Press Join

Congratulations, you're now a Mayan Artist!



The Maya were a very advanced and flexible ancient Meso-American Civilization.

Their understanding of Astronomy and the development of mathematics (they even had Zero) lead to their developing a complex multi-faceted calendar that facilitated the Maya to have a reliable food source. Resulting advances in Agriculture enabled their civilization to thrive. Their creativity was also demonstrated by their use of irrigation and unusual fishing techniques.

A reliable food source lead to their being able to have a dense population supported in a small area which also resulted in their being a political powerhouse in their time and place with leisure time for the arts and other cultural pursuits.

Their understanding of astronomy/math and agricultural sciences blended into their culture impacting the everyday life of every Maya through kingship succession, rituals, medicine, and mythology to name a few.


Activities to be found here:

        - Astronomy: Explore the Jaguar Path and the different exhibits that explain how the universe works, the impact on our seasons and the Maya culture, and how the Maya were able to calculate and predict these movements. Do the final exercise to put it all together and take the QUIZ for the FREE GIFT;

        - Fishing: Do the fishing activities here to learn the unusual Maya fishing techniques;

        - Agriculture: Discover the diverse crops domesticated by the Maya and their predecessors and the different production methods as you go through the Jade Way.

        * You can earn a corn cob upon testing your knowledge of Maya Agriculture.

If you are successful in earning a corn cob, the Maize god will allow you to ride the bats out of the irrigation tunnels and out onto the island.

 -University of Washington


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