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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moni Telling-Moni Fashions Project, Jewelery, Womens clothing designs,photography Cynamon pearl Reporting...

The Moni Fashions project is the brainchild of creative owner and entrepreneur Moni Telling. Moni is a jeweller crafting custom bling designs, who also designs women’s clothes in addition she is great photographer. When I think of the true essence of an entrepreneur Moni Telling comes to mind. She exemplifies the characteristics of a motivated and creative soul. Moni has cultivated multiple skills and talents all on her own.

Moni makes beautiful tiara’s she says inspired by her SL daughter . Her bedazzled crowns are customized to suit the little princess in you.

Creating is a passion, she says that has developed into her craft. However, in the beginning learning was easy because she had an advantage. Moni credits, having a mentor who was also a real life graphic artist was a definitely an asset. The rest she says has been all self taught. Moni says;

“I had RL experience when it comes to graphics. A friend of mine told me to get on second life to make clothes and money. When I finally got on Second Life I needed a way to earn lindens. I didnt know where to start. My first SL Boyfriend told me how to add photos to clothes. Since then I studied how to make clothes, then I did photos, and I started to build and script”.

Not knowing anything about scripting and jewellery I was intrigued to find out what is involved in the creative process. Moni explained, “ You have to have a good eye, and be good at math” (Something I never new). She also says that the task is tedious having to create patterns and repetition.
Not only does she make tiaras but also chains, rings and pretty much what ever you ask for she will customize, says the self acclaimed “Custom Queen”. All of Moni’s work is under 1k.
Being the fashion stylist that she is her business is growing currently. Moni describes her women’s designs as “urban sexy princess”.

And finally, this article wouldn’t be complete without making mention that Moni takes fabulous profile pics. Her stylish profile pictures for couples and singles are based at reasonable prices. All interested inquiries please contact Moni Telling in-world or look up the Moni Fashions Project group enrolment is open. Also for a complete look at all this entrepreneur does check out her website at


  1. You wrote something that people could understand and made the subject intriguing for everyone. I'm saving this for future use.


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