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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London Calling

Stacey is a one girl Riot....

London has been in the news lately, as the poor tear apart England in general and London in particular.

Of course, London is one of the oldest cities going RL, and it is packed deep with history. When I heard SL had a London, I decided to pop in for a visit.

The London City sim isn't as big as real London, which has 10 million people or so. It does have some of London's finer aspects, like the Tower bridge. I was actually flying around, trying to get a pic of the bridge, when I saw smoke and flames in the distance.

A riot. In London. I never would have guessed.

Armed with nothing more than my looks and a slinky green cocktail dress, I headed over to cover the Limey Looting. I'm a professional wrestler, and can kick some ass when I need to... as long as that ass weighs 100 pounds like I do, and is submissive. But I digress...

So, lil' Stacey heads over to the riot. I can understand why the Russians were hiding in a group near the entryway. There was a large building on fire, some cars overturned, a bus crashed, and a helicopter circling about. It looked pretty riot-like.

I'll give some credit to whoever runs the sim. I did meet Torric Rodas, who put this thing together. He was a nice guy, and poking black humor at a problem is a very British personality trait. He plans to keep it going as long as the riots are in the news. He was nice enough to pose for some pictures, but I screwed them up and had to return and just shoot the one I used above. Torric is cute though, girls...

They keep it adapting to current events. I went to the Egypt sim during THEIR riots, and everyone was- no joke- playing Yahtzee. They were very happy, and the coup was the first thing they wanted to talk about, but the sim itself didn't really reflect it.

London City... no problem. This place was getting f*cked up. People were in the streets. I decided to talk to some of them. One good thing about the Limey Poofters... even when the building is on fire... if there's a pub in it... well, I went inside to have a drink or ten.

I was openly brandishing my .50 caliber Desert Eagle, so no one was going to get rioty with ol' Stacey, no. I even let off a few shots, when I needed some personal space and wanted to scatter the rioters.

The guys were mostly interested in my legs, so I eventually gave up on interviewing Brits. I suppose anyone with a "I hate the establishment... I'm going to a virtual riot" method would probably be a bad interview anyhow. No one is getting killed at London City, but it is a fine place for an Englishman to discuss current events with others.

I never did get to find one of the Middleton sisters, which was my primary motivation for going to London... but a riot is a pretty good consolation prize. I'll actually be coming back to this sim in a future article to write about what usually goes on in London City, but riots supercede everything.

I'd recommend stopping in now, while the tension is high.


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