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Friday, August 12, 2011

SFL Hiring

Unfortunately for Stacey, there is no "Worship Tom Brady" job offered. She is also too small to play linebacker.

• ★ • SFL Staff Application • ★ •

Do you have a passion for football? Or just want to be apart of The first OFFICIAL Second Life Football League? The SFL is seeking hard working enthusiasts to join our staff.

Rename this application notecard by replacing "Your Name Here" with your avatar user name or your application may be lost.

Must be at least 180 days old in SL.
Must be willing to be on call to assist.
Must be fluent in English or have a good translator. (Multi-lingual is a plus!)
Sorry no child avatars.

**Important: Please be honest with yourself and with us. **

Perks and/or salary raises are possible and to be determined based on performance.

Still interested? Ok your turn...


Full Avatar Userame (No display names):
Today's Date:
RL Location (Time zone):
RL Gender:
Your SL Rezz Date:
Fluent Language(s):
Age Verified?

Position(s) Applying for: (Place an X next to the position(s)
[ ] Game Referee ** See bottom
[ ] Game Commentator/DJ
[ ] Photographer
[ ] Game Videographer
[ ] Production & Marketing Director
[ ] Web Developers

1.} Why do you want to work for the SFL?

2.} Do you have any prior experience in the position(s) you are applying for? If so, How?

3.} How did you hear about this position with the SFL?

4.} What is your Expected Pay?

5.} Are you currently employed elsewhere? If so where?

6.} Describe your knowledge of football in general:

7.} Are you a part of any other Sports leagues in Second Life? If so which?

8.} Have you worked with the SFL before? If so what was your role? Why did you part?

9.} How do you mainly spend your time in SL?

10.} Do you speak via voice chat in world?

11.} How often are you on SL? (Please be specific "A lot" is not an acceptable answer):


Please list 3 references: (Over 365 days old)

*Photographers only: (Your Flickr here)

Anything else you would like for us to know?


**Please be aware that active players/cheerleaders on a team or players/cheerleaders signed to a team may not become a Game Referee this postion requires impartial employees. But you may apply for other positions stated above.

Also, please be sure to replace "Your Name Here" in the name of this notecard with your avatar username not display name, and return your application to Tess Treves. Please do not contact us regarding your application we will contact you if you are selected as a potential candidate and if not we will keep applications on file for possible future positions.

Thank you for your interest!


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