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Friday, September 23, 2011

Leaf Hunt

Stacey, lounging to the extreme at Wicked Garden, one of the stops on the Leaf Hunt...

Just a quick note to let you know that the Leaf Hunt is going on....

Start off here, and then touch the info board. It will give you a hint where the first leaf is hidden. Find that leaf, and you get a gift. You also get a landmark to the next place in the hunt. Go there, and find another leaf/prize/landmark set.

You'll visit various stores, and get various gifts. Take some time to visit the stores, as you may find a few other things to take off with you to the next spot. All of the gifts- and there are several score of them- are Home & Garden themed. I'm a big fan of foliage, so we'll probably visit several of these sims in the coming weeks.

I should add that the gifts are unisex, so your special fella won't be shut out if you drag him from spot to spot. I wouldn't do that to my readership...remember, although I'm a girl, I'm also a sportswriter by trade.

I love roving scavenger hunts, and always have since I got too old to look for Easter Eggs around the house. This one is good. I don't want to give away anything to wreck the game for you, but there are several dozen vendors involved, including my friend Ella at Wicked Garden and Jiovi at The Cookie Jar.

You can kill a whole day playing this, gathering up the goods at a prolific rate. You'll also get to visit a great many stores, and kill time exploring them. It's good for the goose, and it's good for the gander.


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