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Friday, September 30, 2011

Sea Maine

You pretty much seize your Geek Diploma with both hands when you buy one of these, but Stacey thinks they're pretty cool...

I spend a lot of time in SL New England, an amazing series of small New England-themed sims. Many are just an island with one or two buildings on it, and all are named after New England landmarks like Nantucket and Ogunquit.

Someone beat me to buying the sim for the town I live in. I actually offered myself to serve as a maid for the nice couple who own the Buzzards Bay sim. I'm French, I have the dress, and I've even had some extensive training in domestic service. I'm still waiting for the reply, and I'd imagine that I may be waiting for a while. I do think that there is no better decoration for your Buzzards Bay sim than a maid who is a resident of the real life Buzzards Bay, but I'd bet that the wife part of the couple disagrees.

It is a beautiful sim, and I will visit it in a different article.

Today, I'm focusing on one little store in the Marblehead sim. Yes, Massachusetts has a town named Marblehead. It has to do with some cliffs at the head of the bay or something. I questioned locating the store in Maine, until I realized that the owner of the store is a woman named Cynthia Maine.

Sea Maine is a small store (very New England, I might add) that sells a series of nifty gadgets for your sim. My favorite is the Weather Window. The WW is a thingamajig that will give you a detailed forecast (temperature, wind speed, humidity, and a dozen other features) of what the weather is in any RL location. It presents as a window, showing a picture of whatever the sky looks like in that corner of the RL globe. It's a very symbolic way to keep one foot in that brutal-but-necessary real world.

Sea Maine also has a very useful Sim Population clock, a compass hud that is essential for sailing people, and a bunch of other neat stuff. I recommend popping in for a visit. It won't take long, as you can walk from one wall to the other in 5 steps.

I'll be back to SL New England a lot, and I'll let you know if my Maid proposition works out.


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