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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Are you aware of events held in SL Enquirer Media Center? Mehseti Resident Reporting...

SL Enquirer is one of the most popular media networks that helps makes our SL journey much more interesting and fun by providing news straight from the avatar’s mouth since 2005.

Anyone can find their own opportunities in SL by marketing themselves and developing successful business relationships and participate in wonderful events, contests and much more. Proud owner of SL Enquirer, Lanai Jarrico does her best to provide readers with interesting and entertaining news.

The Independent Ballet visited The SL Enquirer earlier this month and SLE’s stage was taken over. Lead by Dubhna Rhiadra and Deyna Huet, this team created a production that became very popular in SL and receives multiple invitations to perform on stages across the grid.

This dance team is popularity because of Dubhna’s innovative style of work. From the beginning of her creative work Dubhna chose to creative her vision in her own distinctive style by performing live, telling stories mixed with original artwork, dance and music.

As an SL Enquirer journalist and fan of Dubhna’s work, I observed this event with the audience and it was a wonderful experience.

Before the performance, I noticed a mass of people in a row near me on the map so I cammed behind the stage and saw the dancers preparing for the performance. They were in white costumes with wings.

At 12.00, guests found their seats and the performance began.  The Storyteller was the first to appear on the stage. She told a tale accompanied by dazzling music and then the performers slowly waved their wings. They performed an entire story while acting as a team. I was amazed at how synchronized their motions were. Surely this takes a lot of hours of rehearsal.

This performance was truly a team effort with unity as the purpose. Their understanding and supportiveness of each other is dependent on the leader of this performance.

Dubhna Rhiadra is a friendly and creative person that loves communicating with people, and even being a storyteller in SL and RL she invites other storytellers to her team and lets them experience their dreams in SL too.

Independent Ballet’s The Swans was a great performance united by and with friends. Performers like Shayna can read tarot cards in SL and in Rl,  Deyna Broek, is the loving wife to Vaughan Huet and mother to 3 beautiful girls & a little boy. Caledonia Skytower is an SLE Journalist as well as a virtual Builder for this project. Landscaper and Artist, Gisele Pobieski helps create the scenes and Dubhna who gave them an opportunity to be a part of The Swan Company.

Fae Varriale came into SL with no experience of art and photography but, touched by the creativity she saw around her, soon found taking the occasional snapshot turned into a love of creating original artworks.

. This was really a fascinating show, one of the best held at SL Enquirer Media Center.

I invite you to visit SLE and be part of the various events that take place at the SL Enquirer media center. We provide a monthly event that happens every first Tuesday of the month sponsored by Black Soul Rhythms Radio with host DJ Dibou broadcasting LIVE from our rooftop Chill Lounge from 7-9pm SLT.

You can also come to our media center and enter the Ad drawing for a chance at free advertising in the SL Enquirer or watch a live taping of SLE on the Air on Monday nights.

Do you want to be informed of all our events? Just join our friendly SL Enquirer media group and you will be in the know with SL Enquirer news and activities.


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