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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Arkansas State University

Stacey gets all Arkansas this week...

Some day, you won't see these giant colleges with the costly buildings. You'll just get on your computer and the college will come to you.

There will be some exceptions- I have no intention of letting a surgeon operate on me if that surgeon has only worked on computer simulations of my appendix, for instance. But you can bang out most of the college stuff off your computer.

Arkansas State University knows this, which is why someone there made a ASU sim on SL.

No, you can't go to college on SL yet. Look at the ASU campus as the one-room schoolhouse from the bygone past of today's 10,000 kid campuses. You're ettingin at the ground floor at ASU's online sim, and there aren't any upper floors yet. Still, you want your schools to be as modern as possible, and some sort of virtual campus will be necessary in the future of Education.

Still, even just a spot for ASU kids to congregate is a valuable tool, and any additional educational benefits are simply gravy. ASU's online campus has several meeting spots, a library, the Blueberry Gallery, and other attractions.

You're not going to leave ASU's online campus with a bachelor's degree or anything, but you will have been to the early cutting edge of future education.


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