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Thursday, March 1, 2012

SFL Super Bowl This Weekend

Media Day At The SFL!

The Sports and Leisure Desk of the SL Enquirer was representing hard at the SFL Media Day ceremonies which precede their annual Super Bowl.

This year's SFL Super Bowl goes down Saturday, March 3rd, at 3 PM SLT. The pregame festivities start at 2 PM. You can get tickets on the SL Marketplace, but they are selling fast.

The SFL is SL's flagship (American) football league. They have been in operation for a couple of seasons now, and are a constantly improving product. They fill an important niche on SL, as American football is a media powerhouse IRL> Whoever runs football on SL will be angling to become a major player on the platform.

The SFL teams are based on real NFL teams, with Vikings and Raiders and Patriots (oh my!) abound. The teams are sponsored by SL businesses. They play at the sprawling SFL Arena, have SFL cheerleaders, SFL coaches, SFL sponsors, and (waves hello) SFL media.

The Vikings won the Super Bowl last year, but it's a whole new season with whole new contenders. Saturday's contest features the GC Redskins and the Immortal Buccaneers.

The Buccanneers have been a favorite to reach the big game all year. They are built around friend-of-this-column Al Penucca and Nic Renegade, and have a few younger players in key roles. They are a league powerhouse who put up 6 straight wins at one point in the season.

The team who broke that winning streak awaits them in the Super Bowl. The Redskins are led by Tramaine Hancroft and Fru Deezul. Tramaine is described as the go-to guy, while Fru is a rookie MVP candidate.

It should be an interesting game in a tactical sense. The Bucs have a new QB and a new TE since the loss, and it is always tough to beat a good team twice in the same season. The SFL is run-dominated, and both teams rely heavily on their offensive lines. They can pass if they have to, but SFL games tend to be of the smashmouth variety.

The media day had both teams meet with the press. There was an air of good natured rivalry about the affair, and the trash-talking looked to be all in fun. I don't think anyone in the SFL hates each other, which isn't always the case in SL sports. There are some playful bets being made, and some of the Bucs "threatened" Fru Deezul.

We'll be back on Sunday to let you know who won. Tickets are still on sale, but they are A) limited and B) going fast.


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