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Friday, April 27, 2012

And We Have A Winner! - NemzKat Resident Reporting...

First off I would like to say congratulations to the Spotlight winner… Cheyenne Core!
Casanova Lounge and Theater

Cheyenne Core decided to use her spotlight to highlight her family’s business. So here we introduce to you all, Casanovas Lounge and Theater.

Casanovas Lounge and Theater, is proudly owned by Michelle Mavendorf & Clint Quandry. It is a family owned business.  The Lounge has been around for almost 2 years but at their current location for just about 7 months now, they believe that they are planning on staying at this location permanently.

      The staff provides a variety of entertainment anywhere from live singers, to the house specialty in presenting The Official Chippendale Dancers of SL & Minskey’s Burlesque. Cheyenne Cole is Lead hostess and also partial owner of the lounge & Theater. 

Full Throttle promo

Some of the events that the club will be doing are The Chippendales at 6pm slt on Thursday and Saturday Nights & Saturdays at Noon. All of the times are slt, of course. The Minskey’s varies monthly on the time and is presented once a month.  Casanovas will be expanding for more shows next month a bit more, but they are not sure on dates and time yet. They also offer their facility for rent for special parties and such.

As for what is expected from Casanovas is they wish to recreate, lag permitting of course, the Rl Chippendales.  Cheyenne says, "To sum into what to experience though, I'd have to'd have to come and see it to believe. I've been told on many occasions from regular patrons that they feel it’s better than the actual real life people that perform ....if this makes sense to all of you." That is a pretty great honor

As a person who knows what it's like to want work. I had to ask if they are looking for staff. And the answer is. They always are excepting applications for all positions. Interested parties must be on Sl 90 days to be considered and experienced in positions required, but we are willing to help.
stage area

     If you're wanted to join they do have staff that checks out singers. If you're a dancer they will take your application, and then bring you in to see what you're capable of doing as dancer for them.

As for their growing speed, Cheyenne says, “Now we've done a slow approach, until recently in growing like many have done. My Aunty (the owner), who basically heads all this says ‘....seeing how others last a month or two I build to last.' "

Not only do they do The Chippendales but they also do other various events, such as live singers. They believe they’re going to have themed events featuring DJ's just as most clubs do. They will not have pole dancers and that such, we are going for a more family atmosphere and environment and provide entertainment suitable for that. They know it offends some people to see things like that so they try to avoid it completely.
Come check out the dancers yourself!

     The Chippendales are not your ordinary dancers; there is no pole dancing and such from them. As for the staff, people greet you in a manner that makes it like your coming home after a day's work. They strive to make sure everyone that comes enjoys themselves, if you have an issue with something you may not like, unlike looking for a manager so that it might be handled later, staff members make sure any issues that might pop up are taken care of on the spot.  It's believed the patron comes first here at Casanovas Lounge and Theater.

If you are into family role-play, the kids are allowed there for anything but the Chippendales shows, everything else such as the live singers and such, yes they can tag along.


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