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Monday, April 16, 2012

Spotlight on Gizza -Luc Fray Reporting...

Ask anybody who has been on Second Life for quite a while, and they'd say that they've heard of Gizza Creations. One of the most popular clothing brands in Second Life, Gizza had first originated way back in April 2010.

Giz Seorn
Miss Giz Seorn, co-owner and designer of Gizza, had stated that she had heard before of SL, and it was the fashion world that had attracted her to the game in the first place. In RL, Miss Seorn is a professional photographer and has studied Scenery and Costume Design at a university. Deciding to play to her strengths, she decided to venture into SL Fashion Business, primary aiming to be a designer.

Miss Seorn mentioned that all of Gizza clothes are solely her creations. She and Mr. Auster Elan, her spouse and partner, are the only ones that make up their staff, and they have not thought of hiring other designers. She added that her favorite outfits are Shalwar and Hotheaded, as they are the store's bestsellers.

Gizza has no particular specific target audience since they cater to everybody with different tastes. They have clothes that fall under the categories casual sports wear, casual elegance, formal elegance, and even avante garde. She mentioned that their products are much loved by SL residents because of Gizza Creations' varied unique styles and high-quality, realistic textures. Their customer service is also be topnotch, as it is important for them that consumers be felt welcomed and attended to.

Business-wise, Miss Seorn claimed that the most significant aspect in handling Gizza Creations is "acting in a programatic way, working with the right people, and being respectful to the work you do and to your customers." One way to reach customers too, according to her, is through good advertising. Combine that with excellent and marketable products, and customers will keep coming back. Their store's goal has always been self-improvement, and it is their mission to always challenge themselves to bring better clothes for everyone.

Miss Seorn, however, has reported that, like many other stores, Gizza has also had experienced security troubles and intellectual rights problems in the past, which they usually just handle by reporting to Linden Labs and banning them from their islands. She expressed her disappointment in saying, "This subject is really sad for people like us who is trying to do honest business with such effort..."

When asked where she gets her inspiration from her clothes, she replied that famous RL designer, Valentino, is the one who had the most influence on her work. That's also the reason why some of her designs involve Valentino brand in their names. However, despite their gaining fame, Miss Seorn does not consider Gizza Creations as ahead of other Clothing Brands. Because it's only been on Second Life for two years, she graciously said that there are other more successful stores that are far better than Gizza.

Finally, as parting words, Miss Giz Seorn has to say this to struggling SL entrepreneurs: "First rule is to work hard patiently forward and step by step. They should never rush things. They need to do everything step by step by patience and will. They should not expect people to know their company in the 3rd month of when they opened their business. To expect that only cause dissapointment. Everything starts with hard work and care."


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