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Friday, August 17, 2012

ARTS and LITERATURE: Let The "Bard" Times Roll!

There is nothing quite like an outdoor festival, even a virtual one!  Saturday and Sunday, August 18th and 19th will see the sandy shores of Mango in the Fruit Islands once again host Shakespeare and Shakespeare-inspired performances on the BARD ON THE VIRTUAL BEACH outdoor Festival Stage.  (Don't forget to wave at "Ismael" the whale, and bring something to feed "Yorrick" the pesky peacock). 
  Each day features different performances, with Saturday’s event beginning at 3:00pm and Sunday’s at Noon.  Each session is approximately 90 minutes in length, but it is a Festival and anything could happen!  Last year’s BARD drew more residents to the Fruit Islands than virtual ABBA did, so it could be adviseable to get there a little early and scope out your seat.  As always with live performances in the virtual world, your enjoyment and everyone else’s will be enhanced if you remove as many huds, mysti-tool, bling, scripted clothing, and primmy hair as possible: keep it simple, and don’t be naked!

The Festival site on the scenic sands of Mango in the Fruit Islands
All times SLT and everything subject to change. For slightly more information, player bios, and last minute updates visit the StoryFest Events Blog

Poet Klannex Northmead on the BARD Festival Stage in 2011
 SATURDAY, AUGUST 18th – 3pm to 4:30pm:
·        Welcome and Intro: Caledonia
·        “If You’ve Ever Said”: Corwyn Allen

·        "Anatomy of a Murder or, the Macbeths at Home": Madame Thespian
Underhill as “Lady MacBeth” & Joff Fassnacht as “MacBeth”
·        Sonnets! Sonnets! : Klannex Northmead

·         “As You Like It” - Act I, Scene 3: Dubhna Rhiadra, Lycanthia Wolfhunter, & BigRed Coyote

·        “A Lover's Complaint”: Corwyn Allen
·        The Prim Reaper Presents Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Crap Mariner

·        Ariel’s Song from “The Tempest” : Singh Albatros

SUNDAY, AUGUST 19th – Noon to 1:30pm:
·        Welcome and Intro: Caledonia
·        “The Tempest” – Caliban: Corwyn Allen
·        100W Shakespearean Stories “Keep It Brief” – Crap Mariner
·        Portia and Her Suitors from “The Merchant of Venice: Derry MacMahon & Bear Silvershade

·        “A Shakespearean Romance”: Sonnet and Story: Ludo Merit
·        “Twelfth Night” Viola & Feste the Clown from Act II, Scene 1: Caledonia Skytower & Crap Mariner
·        More Sonnets!  More Sonnets!: Klannex Northmead

·        “Richard III” Act I, Scene 2: Caledonia Skytower & Corwyn Allen

Tips from this year's BARD will benefit War Child North America

War Child strives to empower children and young people to flourish within their communities and overcome the challenges of living with, and recovering from, conflict. To achieve this, War Child works collaboratively with those communities to increase access to education, overcome the obstacles of poverty and create a protective environment for the rights of children and youth.  The ultimate goal of War Child is that someday we will live in a world where no child knows war. 

There is no obligation to tip at BARD.  It is offered freely to the SL Community.  All tips received will be forwarded to War Child through the West Of Ireland in SL, which collects and forwards donations to the charity monthly. Donations go directly to the charity, and none are used to pay overhead or other expenses. Ninety cents of every donated dollar received by War Child goes directly to programs.

~ Caledonia Skytower, Reporting
"Any Ink is good ink, even if it is virtual."


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