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Friday, August 10, 2012


A friend of mine told me about the fishing craze sweeping through Second Life.  Not really being into fishing myself I thought I would investigate the fishing scene in SL.  There have been so many passing fads that boom and then fade but it appears that fishing is not one of them.  It transpires that fishing games have been with us in SL in various forms for a number of years now and as with everything it has evolved over that time.

Seven Seas fishing has been with us for a very long time and we have all seen their fishing posts at one time or another. The 7Seas Fishing Game is quoted as being “a fun and affordable way to enjoy the great virtual outdoors, by yourself or with friends, while catching various wearable pets and other prizes! Load up some bait and shoot for levelling up your rod, track down those rare fish, show off your catches in a personal aquarium, take part in a fishing contest, create your own fishing area with your own custom catches, or even play games with your newfound finned friends -- it's all possible!

But what my friend was talking about is something slightly different; this is ‘The Fish Hunt.’ The Fish Hunt allows players to earn Lindens and win Prizes by fishing. There are literally 100s of places with fish buoys available. These can be located by using the Fish Hunt HUD, which is available for free from the SL Marketplace, affiliate vendor boards, and at the Fish Hunt Headquarters. You will also need to pick up a free Beginner Fishing Rod from the SL Marketplace.  What has come from this initiative is that a huge gaming community has been built which facilities not only the earning of Lindens but also the building of friendships.

Not only is said friend earning a reasonable amount of Lindens from fishing he has a spin off business in the form of ‘worm farming’, isn’t Second Life just marvelous?

There are other fishing games available in SL if you are interested such as Neo Realms who also run tournaments and events with prizes and who have recently introduced Clamming …

So if you are looking for a fun way to earn Lindens or other prizes, or looking for a way to make new friends or if you are just the competitive sort, it is time to go fishing!



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