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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How do you spend your lindens? Would you help a stranger in need?

Often time we take our real lives for granted as we wander around Second Life looking for adventures or an escape from reality, but unfortunately for some who come here, they have needs that none of us would ever know unless they come forward and are willing to share more about themselves.

I personally don't know Roofus or Pan, but they are residents of our virtual world and need our help.

I stumbled upon a venue that is holding a fundraiser concert to raise funds for Roofus and Pan. It is to help raise funds for emergency housing for them and their children.

How can you help?

Could you go a day without a new mesh outfit?  New hairstyle or a pair of shoes?  Imagine wondering where you will sleep tonight or who will have your back when you are in need?

Please join us at  Somerset Sands Resort - Social Center and dig deep in those pockets to help this family.

AUGUST 14, 2012

Teleport Now!

If you missed this fundraiser event there will be more venues joining in this week.
Need a schedule or would like to donate directly?

Contact CarmenCardone Resident

Thank you
Lanai Jarrico

*Correction made to the name Pam to Pan


  1. Isn't it Doofus and Pan like the board is stating? Who are they in rl and how did they (afford to-) come in sl for help? I don't mean to be a cynic but with emotional stories anyone can come up with in order to make a virtual buck, even from lack of excitement.

  2. Hi Cyanilla, you bring up a great point about anyone being able to create an emotional story to make a virtual buck. I've seen that type of charity abuse in the past. It is very hard to decided who is in real need and who is just "playing on our emotions" to make some lindens. In this case, Doofus and Pam are known in the Sl Music Scene for over 3 years and the fact that other venue owners are willingly participating makes it legit to me. I woud rather give at these events then give to some random avatar begging for it on the grid. Ultimately it is your own decision to donate or help others, doing your own research on the Doofus and Pam might be a good idea. Thank you for your comment. ~Lanai Jarrico


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