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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Keyhole Club -For Those Who Like To Watch And Be Watched Pandora Drezelan Reporting...

When I first came to Second Life like most curious people I visited quiet a few sex based clubs and even worked in a few as a dancer and escort. Then a friend of mine introduced me to the very amazing Keyhole Club and unlike most clubs that are usually found in mature Sims The Keyhole Club is situated in an adult Sim and is full of an abundance of sexual variety from voyeurism to a fully equipped cinema.
I have visited The Keyhole Club on many occasions since that first time and spoke with the owner Barry Lubezki about The Keyhole Club and how it all began.

Pandora: ‘When did you first arrive in Second Life?’

Barry: ‘Joleelo Olivier and I (my wife in real life of 22 years!) came to Second Life early in 2007 after reading an article in a newspaper about it here in the Netherlands.’

‘I remember that I didn't understand a thing about it, so after a day or two I gave up. But Jo went on and after several days persuaded me to try again.’

‘After a week or two we bought our first parcel of land. Jo put some bushes on it and a pose ball or two. That was the start of Free At Last Love Garden. That still exists in the Owlet Sim. At its peek it had a traffic of around 50k.’

‘My own business life started a few months later when I bought the Fitzgerald Hotel in Topgol. At that time it was a well known hangout for hookers and their clients. The hotel was fun, but the prostitution business went down the drain after the introduction of voice in Second Life. So I closed the place early in 2008.’

Pandora: ‘How did The Keyhole Club start?’

Barry: ‘Interesting question. When I owned the Fitzgerald Hotel, I enjoyed peeking into the rooms when a couple was there. Many visitors did the same. So I knew that people liked watching others having sex. After I closed the Fitz, I created a Live Show Theatre, where people could have sex on stage. It was fun, but it didn't work out as I had hoped. Only a few people visited. When people wanted to watch, there was nobody on stage. Then when a couple wanted to perform, there was nobody to watch it. So there was a mismatch between demand and offer.’

‘Many months after that I met someone that also enjoyed watching. We decided to create a group of voyeurs and exhibitionists. The idea was that members would warn each other when they were about to have it off. That group was called The Keyhole Club. Do I really need to explain the name?’
‘The group didn't work out though. But then there was a time when I had a lot of time on my hands. I have always enjoyed building, so I decided to create a home for the Keyhole Club group. The first Keyhole Club was in Blackiston, in mature mainland. Pretty soon there was a small group of regular visitors.’

‘After about six months the place got really busy and I decided to move to a private island. Unfortunately my accountant objected to that, so by the end of 2010 I had to close it. In April 2011 I rebuilt the Keyhole Club at it's present location in Orburs.’

Pandora: ‘What type of services are offered?’

Barry: ‘We like to think that we do not offer services. We don't even offer entertainment. It's our guests that offer the entertainment - services if you like - to each other. All we do is offer a place for people to meet and play. But I understand your question and I will answer it.’

‘The Keyhole Club started as a motel, with a lobby downstairs for people to meet and dance, and a little stage with two dance poles. Most important though are the rooms upstairs. Unlike a regular motel or hotel, our rooms have no locks on the doors. They also have windows. People just walk into a room to enjoy whatever goes on in there.’

‘The theme of the Keyhole Club is: 'Watch and be watched...' and that is what happens. Not only in the rooms, but also in the car park in the basement, in the porn cinema, in and around the swimming pool and even in our shopping gallery and in the basement.’

‘In the lobby we have about 10 dance poles with tip jars that everybody can use. So if you feel like giving a show on the pole, just hop on, log into a tip jar and make some money while having fun.’

Pandora: ‘Do you have any limits?’

Barry: ‘I think that every club has its limits. The most important thing is that we want to keep a friendly atmosphere. Our guests should feel free to hang out, and not be forced or persuaded to do something that they don't really want to do. Believe it or not, many of our guests come to the Keyhole Club just to hang out and chat, dance, joke around and have fun.’

‘We want to make sure that they can, and that is why we have a staff of six people to keep an eye on things. Also we are not a place for hardcore BDSM, or beastiality or for rape-sex. And most certainly not for age-play. There are other clubs that cater for these things.’

Pandora: ‘What type of audience do you attract?’

Barry: ‘I am proud to say that we attract a lot of broadminded people. This probably has everything to do with the theme of voyeurism and exhibitionism, for this requires a vivid imagination. In the four years that the Keyhole Club has existed I have met several people there that have become good and dear friends. Like I said, we just provide the club. It's our guests that make the atmosphere.’

Pandora: ‘What are the good and bad aspects of sex clubs in Second Life?’

Barry:The bad aspect about sex clubs in Second Life is that very often the sexual aspect is very explicit. It's 'in your face'. We have tried to prevent that at the Keyhole Club, for instance by not having any hard core sex animations in the lobby on the ground floor.’

‘When people arrive at the Keyhole Club, they are not immediately confronted with 'sexual' or 'oral sex' animations. All they see are couple dances, dance poles and lap dances. If they want more, they go up the stairs to the rooms, or to the car park, swimming pool or cinema.’

‘The good aspects about sex clubs in Second Life is that there really is a club for every taste. I sometimes go and visit a few, and it is amazing what different sexual themes you find.’

‘The good thing about Second Life in general is that you can really live your dreams here: People that are disabled ( in wheelchairs) can walk in Second Life, when you're a man in real life you can be a woman in Second Life, and when you're actually old and grey you can be young and desirable here. And of course we can all live our sexual dreams in Second Life too.’

I have talked to a lot of our guests, and I have found that many people have managed to discover their own sexuality in Second Life, which made them happier people in real life. Thanks to the wide diversity in sex clubs.’

It was both a pleasure and a learning experience talking to Barry and I would like to thank him for taking part this very open minded interview. Pandora.

The Keyhole Club


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