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Friday, October 19, 2012

BOOFest Returns for 2012, Joined by BOOStock!

Bran, Second Life – In a two year partnership which began with a single story-based weekend in 2011 has blossomed into three popular annual events in the storytelling community, with a fourth on its way in December.  This year, Branwen Arts is building on the popularity of BOOFest, and their own highly successful BRANStock from earlier this year, into a fun-filled weekend that is sure to rock the region. BOOFest will feature a gathering of virtual story presenters and authors at their spooky and scary best Sunday, October 21 from 9:30am to 5pm.  The preceding day BOOStock will feature music, dance and theatre.

These events are free, and all times listed are SLT.

BOOStock: Saturday, October 20th

Produced by Branwen Arts.

A 17 minute play in 5 acts, performed in voice overs over the stream and a wee bit of local chat, and dance things on stage. Its one of our most performed plays largely because its super portable and a good laugh (never had a bad review yet !). Is short, fun, fast and bawdy. It has a stack of terrible jokes that are guaranteed to induce groans and cries of pain from the audience.  Peformed by Blue Moon Cabaret.

~~ 12:30 -1:30 pm:   THE FRANKENTINYS
Be afraid, be very afraid … a hugely spooky set from this tiny band

~~ 2:00 pm:  Myst Dancers’ SPACE JAM

~~3:00 -4:00 pm -  Reis Alter sings with Ald Alter
 Reis Alter has a unique voice and an original repertoire, an intriguing blend of nu-jazz and electronica varying from down tempo (with bosa-nova flavor) to fast samba-derived songs.

~~ 4:00PM till late - Benny the Boozehound spins the spooky tunes

BOOFest: Sunday, October 21st

BOOFest is produced by StoryFest Events.  For specific session and title details, as well as the most up to date schedule changes, visit the StoryFest Events Blog

All BOOFest presentation will be live in voice.  All the performers are volunteers and the sessions are free to all Second Life residents, with donations benefiting War Child North America.

~~ 9:30am – Introduction & Welcome – Hosts Dubhna Rhiadra & Caledonia Skytower

~~ 9:45am –  REAPER MAN by Terry Pratchett - Presented by Caledonia Skytower and Dubhna Rhiadra.

~~ 11:00am: THE WATER GHOST OF HARROWBY HALL by John Kendricks Bang - Presented by Queen Bluestar.

~~ 11:30am: THE MONKEY’S PAW by W. W. Jacobs - Presented by Kayden Oconnell.

~~ Noon: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE FREAKY IN 100 WORDS - Crap Mariner  returns as The Prim Reaper! 

~~ 12:30pm: NIGHTMARES with Hakeber Haber

~~ 1:30pm: THE CASE OF LADY SANNOX by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Presented by Corwyn Allen.

~~ 2:00pm: TALES with Lycanthia Wolfhunter

~~ 3:00pm: MICROFICTION with Brokali

~~ 3:30pm: TBA with Monday Jinx

~~ 4:00pm: UNWIND by Neil Shusterman - Selections presented by BigRedCoyote. 

~~ 4:30pm: GHOSTS ON A BUMBOAT with Singh Albatross

The fires are already blazing at the BOOFest Storycircle in Bran


Branwen Arts Cooperative is a group of artists who work singly or together with other artists.  Their home base on Bran provides a stage for performance and a gallery for exhibitions.  Branwen Arts is always looking for artists, visual and performing, who want their work to be seen and appreciated: writers, storytellers, dramatists, visual artists, dancers, musiciansContact Dubhna Rhiadra, Fae Varriale or Safi Farspire

Stories Unlimited! is a Subscriber Group started in October 2010 and has over 500 subscribers.  Through it, subscribers receive information on stories of all kinds presented across the Second Life Grid.  There are no limits to the events posted through this group . . . if it has a plot it will be posted it regardless of how it is presented, or the nature of the source material including (but not limited to): Theatre/Dance, Machinima, Traditional Telling, Presented Literature, and Poetry.  Daily morning notecards contain information on the “who, what, and where” of the stories, and also provide basic content information so subscribers can make informed decisions of what events may suit them. Contact Caledonia Skytower.

~ Caledonia Skytower, Reporting
"Any ink is good ink, even if it is virtual"


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