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Monday, November 19, 2012

SL's Dazzlers Are Having Auditions!

The Dazzlers is a team of dancers that represent with class, grace, and style in fashion shows, promotional events, paid performances, magazine ads, videos, and commercials. Each member of Dazzlers Inc.  is carefully chosen not only for their avatar’s appearance, but for the personality behind the avatar… Dazzlers Inc.  are ladies and gentlemen in every sense of the word, displaying grace and style in everything they do. Their poise and intelligence carry them well beyond being merely performers, making this team the perfect choice for any event where you want the best and classiest professionals to add a touch of exciting glamour and beauty.

The amazing thing is that it allows anyone, whether it be a person with a disability or just didnt get the opportunity to dance in RL, the chance to grow in their creativity.  It allows them to reach deep inside and share the love of music and art in the virtual world.

If you are interested in auditioning, please create a notecard with the following information.  Please make sure to send this to Pyper Dollinger when you are finished.

The deadline is November 23rd!

SL Age-
Do you hold other jobs in SL? If so what are they?
What past jobs have you had in SL?
Do you have any cheer or dance experience in SL or RL?
What are your interests in SL?
What timezone are you in?
Is your shape modifiable?
What is your thought of a true team?
Why should you be apart of the Dazzlers Team?
What type of system are you running your SL on?
Do you have voice?  (or at least hear on voice?) Not required to speak but to hear the director.-EXCEPT FOR INTERVIEW PROCESS YOU MUST VOICE.
Please insert 3 pics.  1 headshot, 1 full body and 1 of your choice to show your personality (all pics need to be full mod and copiable.)

Please make sure to send this to Pyper Dollinger when you are finished.  Please make sure to check out our blog at
Good Luck and Let’s Shine!

Pyper Dollinger, Owner and Director


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