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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring is approaching. Are You Ready for a New Season? Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

With the Winter freeze now thawing out, it is time to think about starting anew. What can you do to make changes in your Second Life that can also benefit your first life?  Just like Spring cleaning of our homes, wardrobes and unnecessary clutter in our minds. A new season should bring positive changes. During Winter months, statistics show that people are more likely to become depressed and turn inward.  Self pity and sorrow soon follow. Letting some light shine through your windows and taking in fresh air is helpful but you can’t expect a new start without meeting yourself half way.

Treat yourself to something New
 Buy a new outfit, get a new haircut and raise your head up high. Feel good about yourself , otherwise find a way to improve on the things you feel you are lacking in. Change is needed. Spring is around the corner and there are things you can do to ring in the new season in the right direction.

In Second Life, to some it may seem like Groundhog Day.  Walking in circles and getting nowhere but  ending up in the same place you started. Have you asked yourself why things seem to remain the same?

The answer is easy. Perhaps you are stuck in the same frame of mind and are unwilling or allowing yourself to move forward. Explore new things, meet new people and expand your mind to the many different things that can be found in Second Life. Take a long look at your real life and see where you can improve there too.
If you are a professional and you wonder why your business is not doing as well as you wished it would. Can your attitude, time spent or the alternative activities you do be hindering the potential of your sales and creative energy?

While pondering how Second Life can change for the better, I’ve figured out why some businesses never expand. A lot has to do with professionalism. Some just have no idea what it means and others seem to think they have it all figured out. No one has the perfect solutions to every problem, we are all growing in our own ways, while trying to figure out the world around us. One step at a time is what it takes to unravel the knots in life and get on track.

I often bump into people that want to be successful at what they do but seem to have things holding them back. Sometimes it is the way they dress that makes others not take them seriously and other times it is how they present themselves in conversation. Where do we begin to reconnect and make decisions that will ultimately make our lives, business and friendships better? That has to begin within.
I’ll tell you what you can do as long as you have an open mind and willing to listen.

 It starts with gathering your senses and putting them in alignment. Positive thinking,  self confidence and an educated mind is what you need to begin your new journey. Without those things you can’t have hope for a better outcome.  The opposite is negative thinking, low self esteem and an uneducated approach. Those things will hold you back.
Take these thoughts with you as you enter Spring and you will see your life blossom like the flowers that come with this new season. Your imagination with be filled with all the vibrant colors that represent who you are.

Second Life needs big changes and you can be part of creating a beautiful landscape to share, explore and enjoy. Let yourself be lead with a positive approach and contribute to this virtual society in ways you may not have tried before. You will see a difference and others will notice them too.

Happy Spring
-Lanai Jarrico


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