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Monday, June 2, 2014

RUMBLE FOR RELAY -A Multi Team Event Saturday June 7th 12pm-8pm SLT


A Multi Team Event 
Saturday June 7
12pm - 8pm SLT

Brought To You By The Relay Rockers

Rumble For Relay is a jammed packed day of races, demolition derbies, car shows, pit-stop vendor shopping, and tail gate partying.

There are several opportunities for Teams to participate.

*** DAY AT THE RACES *****
    The day is packed full of race events for everyone.    And we do not take ourselves too  
     seriously about it .
    Participate in 1 race or participate in all races.... it is up to you.
    We will be running 3 - 4 races per hour.
    Each race will have a 1st, 2nd , 3rd Place winner
    You can enter each race as many times you like.  $100 L / race  

   CLOWNS ON BIKES - 3pm - 4pm SLT
    yes.. dress as a clown, get on a bike, and off you go.  Big, Small, Round or will be a 
    fun race.  Your bike must fit on the race track with other no wide / extremely large     bikes please
    Entry is $100 L / per race paid to the special Kiosks on Race Day
    Need a bike?   We have some available thanks to the Relay Wizards For Spunky team.
    They are in the RFL Vendor by the race cars  
    TEAM RACE - 4pm - 5pm SLT
     Purchase your car for the team race here                      
     (we want a fair race, so everyone gets the same car).
    Put on your team logo, add some color and you are ready to go.  (NO other attachments / 
    objects on the car but a logo please)

    Entry to the race is the purchase of the car from the RFL Vendor for $100 L .
    This entitles you to race in ONE race.  
    Each additional is $100 L / per race paid to the special Kiosks on Race Day
    Bring your own racing machine... it must be "mechanical" in nature and run on land.
    It cannot be a car / truck, plane, animal, snail (Sorry Racer X)  or boat,  but it could be a     
    racing tea cup,  bath tub, bed,  tree,  pumpkin, just  for examples.
    It can hold multi people?  Great !!    It is a single person racer ?  Great !!
    Can I decorate it wild and whacky ?  Sure.. Go For It!
    How Big Can It Be?   About the Size of a Normal Car...   It must fit on the race track. with           other cars (1 lane width max)
    Entry to the race is $100 L / per race paid to the special Kiosks on Race Day

    Book the Demolition Derby area for an hour for your team. Put out a kiosk and raise some       funds while demolishing  the cars.   People pay the kiosk to enter each Demolition Derby         The Cars lose points with each hit.  Who will be the winner?
    Send an email to request  your Demolition Derby time slot to  
    First requested, first reserved basis.  There are 6 available times
    (1pm - 2pm)     (2pm - 3pm)   
    (3pm - 4pm)     (4pm - 5pm)  
    (5pm - 6pm)     (6pm - 7pm) 
*** TEAM CAR SHOW ****
     Purchase your car show spot and cars from the vendors located on the "parking lot" $100L
     Decorate it up to a maximum of 50 prims
     Set it out in the Car Show area & place your team kiosk.    
     Voting is done by donation to the kiosks
     The box you purchase contains 3 types of cars...**CHOOSE ONLY ONE to enter **
     Entry fee is $100L which is paid when you purchase the parking spot 
     Please read the notecard enclosed in the box you receive.
     Fill out the information on the note card and copy it and paste it in an email it to              

     ** CARS ARE  MOD / COPY ..... NO TRANSFER ***
      Reserve your team Pit Stop area by paying $100L to the RFL Kiosk located here
      Fill out the information on the note card you receive and copy it and paste it in an email it         to

      You have up to 100 prims to place Relay For Life Vendors, Kiosks.
      All items sold MUST be in Official RFL Vendors Auction Vendors, Gotcha, Random Riot etc.       MUST be PG. 
      No exceptions on the last two items.
      *** Limited Pit Stop Areas Available  On A First Reserve Basis***

 And if that is not enough.... we have an all day Tailgate Party going on !

Center stage of the race track  to help you get your Rumble On !  Watch For Details on Performers!
Kick it up country style, rock it on down with the blues......and everything in between. 

At 7:00pm SLT we will announce the car show winners, and recap the race winners, hand out trophies and then have a rocking  end to the day with a dance party center stage.
Wait.... There is MORE!!!! 

Friday night..... June 6   4 - 8pm SLT

  We have ... *** Celebrity Demolition Derby    
  Some of our more infamous Relayers will be in the derby pit. to take you on in a smash up !
 We will release the names soon !

Phew.....I think that is it....... .. well maybe....hmmmmm .. we always have a surprise or two up our sleeves!

Any questions please drop a notecard on Ariel Stormcrow or Nuala Marcas, or email us at



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