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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Lanai Jarrico Reporting from Northeast Pennsylvania- Blizzard 2016

The good news is we still have electricity in my area with a record snowfall of 30 inches. I would say our area was slammed pretty hard by this blizzard aside from the flooding that occurred along the New Jersey Shore. So far 19 lives have been reported lost along the Eastern Seaboard and 5 deaths reported in New York due to heart attacks from shoveling. 

If you are in an area that was hit by this storm it is advised to stay off the roads so the plow crews can do their job as well for your own safety. Also, don't over exert yourself while clearing your walkways. 

  Looking out my window at the aftermath- I'm definitely snowed in thanks not only to the storm itself but by the city who kindly piled a mountain of snow right in my driveway! 

Be safe people and keep warm!

-Lanai Jarrico


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