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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Misfit Dance & Performance Art - The Meow MeowzZ Holiday Edition - Dec 17th 6 pm SLT

Misfit Dance & Performance Art  - Whimsy Alert
Come join the fun!

The Meow MeowzZ Holiday Edition  -  Dec 17th  6 pm SL

The Meow MeowzZ are a fun interactive theater dance experience at The Misfit Forest Theater in Second Life.
These Jazzy Cats "sing & dance" to fun & funny tunes with clever dance moves and costume changes in their own colorful SnowGlobe.
As an added feature, the audience is offered the opportunity to dance as well! SO fun !

This is a 45 minute set of amazing joy and light hearted holiday cheer!  JenzZa Misfit and The Misfit Dancers don their "Dinky Cat " avatars & costumes to bring a smile to your face and a silly song to your heart.   Our own Rumour Bashir is the lead singer/dancer in this delightful ensemble.  Complete with the Meow MeowzZ band - JenzZa on the drums & Judd on electric guitar.  And of course the rest of the Misfit Dancers so pretty in kitty-cat pink! Ooo la la!

Take a break from the madness for some REAL madness of the best kind!  

Misfit Dance & Performance Art.    The Meow MeowzZ.   Prepare to be delighted.

Check out this video sample of "The Meow MeowzZ" 

The Meow MeowzZ are a JenzZa Misfit VR Production

Contact JenzZa Misfit in Second Life for more information


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