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Friday, August 4, 2017

Hot Spots for a Hot First Date in Second Life - Camury Reporting

So, the long-awaited moment arrived: The hot date. The first date is where the fun really begins, and some planning is needed to get everything right.

The first encounter is all about enjoying the company of someone new and intriguing and sets the tone for a potential relationship. It can ignite the fire of passion or it can be ruin. Planning a venue and date, so that both have a great time in SL, is important and helps make your meeting a success.

Ready to add some spice to your virtual life? Our Hot Spots tips will help you plan your hot first date so you can be sure that it will be enjoyable and perhaps the first of many more gatherings to come.

Romance the Clouds Venue
Are you looking for a romantic place to enjoy with someone special? Take your love to dinner and dance to the sound of romantic songs. The Clouds is always open for your pleasure, there are night deejays in this atmosphere created specifically to awaken the lover that exists in you. The SIM has teleportation to other areas if you want to enjoy private moments with your loved one.

MT Everest
Does your love like romance and adventure? Take your special someone to explore the highest mountain of SL in a zen and relaxing atmosphere Visit the village and the Tibetan temple Invite your love to climb the mountain and discover enchanting corners for some relaxing moments and romance. Take a balloon ride and uncover with your love all the secrets of this magical mountain.

La Bella Luna
This SIM, adult, with beautiful gardens, is a great place for you to take your love to dance and enjoy moments of rest, relaxation and romance. Explore the caves and waterfalls. Visit the buildings and choose one of the rooms to spend unforgettable moments with your loved one. All rooms have adult furniture.

Dark Dreams
Enjoy the day with a special person relaxing at this sexy resort in SL. Relax with your beloved on the nude beach. The Resort has Music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Enjoy the Beautiful Sun Kissed Beach with Cuddle / Sex areas, Surf and dancing. Enjoy buying a beautiful gift for your special someone at one of the local shops.

Atiyas Landing
If you are looking for an adult environment without being judged on occasional adult activities, this is the place to go. Explore the BDSM castle and discover many places to enjoy some private time with the loved one.

If your first date was great and you are interested in a second date with your "new love," tell him! However, if you are shy but want to leave open the possibility of a second meeting, perhaps you could suggest by saying: "It was a beautiful meeting, I really enjoyed it."
If you are sure that you do not want a second date, it is important that you be honest and not create expectations in the other person to avoid future hassles and hurt feelings. Honesty is really the best policy; And it is an apprenticeship that you can take forward in your close relationship.

Even if you do not plan to see that person, again it is respectful to thank her and wish her luck in her quest. If we were all a little more respectful and kind to each other, the meetings would be much easier.


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