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Sunday, May 20, 2018


Many people need to look sleek while on a tight budget. You need to impress at work, or you’re going out on a date yet your account has recently taken a hit. The good news is that money is not always the trick to being stylish and fashionable. The trick to looking great is working to look unique even with a stringent budget. You don’t have to be late on rent or default on your loan repayment to upgrade your wardrobe. These 7 magic tricks can make you look like you order your clothes from a designer while in reality you are a cheapskate;
Tailor your clothes
Buying affordable clothes and tailoring them to fit can just work magic as well and make it look like a $400 piece from a designer. You don’t have to spend much to look stylish if you have a good tailor in your contact list.
Stay simple
Go for the simple stuff. The aim is to look stylish, not expensive. Those are two different things and one does not necessarily mean the other. Work on your whole look instead of one piece of cloth at a time. Instead of multiple bracelets on your wrist, just get one of your desired thickness. You can find hairstyles that go with your outfit on Smashing Tops.
Change your buttons
Buttons are accessories that can give your outfit an entirely different look. Consider replacing plastic buttons on your clothes with pearly, metallic or bone buttons. While you can get such classy buttons online, you can also rummage through your old clothes for some. No worries if you can’t stitch them yourself, some dry cleaners can do it for a few extra cash.
Go easy on the washing
It is good to be clean. Cleanliness makes you sociable. Washing your clothes every now and then however wears them down and fades away the colors. In the end, they end up looking old and cheaper than they actually are. Consider cleaning marks off your clothes with a sponge or toothbrush. For the sweaty smell, leaving it in the freezer over the night deals with the smell and it will be ready to be worn the next day.
Keep off distressed clothes
With the exception of ripped jeans, most distressed fabrics look like they are worn out and old. Whiskering and distressing are art and take time to perform to perfection so unless you have that time on your hands, don’t go for it. It is totally a no-no especially if the pieces of cloth are very cheap.
If it looks old, it’s old
If your piece of cloth looks faded and old, you will have little success transforming it to be stylish. Just ditch it. If a stain is stuck on it, if neither you nor your dry cleaner can get it off, just let it go. You can give it out as a donation. Chances are that other people will also notice the flaws too.
Steamers over iron boxes
Nobody wants to walk around in wrinkled clothes. Ironing is however such a hassle and most synthetics are not supposed to be ironed anyway. That’s why you should purchase a steamer instead. If you are on a wash-and-wear schedule, steam during the night and hang them in a room with the windows open. The cold air at night helps with lingering odors. Hanging your clothes in the bathroom while you take a shower is not steaming. Besides wasting water, the steam is not enough to deal with the tough wrinkles.


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