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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The best careers for gamers

What kind of wonderful would it be to be able to get paid to play video games all day? Too good to be true? Not at all, gaming is a lucrative business, and the people behind all your favourite games aren’t doing their jobs for free. Discover how you can put your love of gaming to good use with this list of top careers for gamers.

Game director
Be the one in charge and unleash your vision for a game as a game director. Much like a film director, this role involves directing the gameplay, and creating an overview of all eventualities in the game. You will be responsible for working with a creative team to define your overall vision. You will play several roles, including budget planner and game designer, keeping everything on time, and within budget. This job would suit creative gamers, who want to work their way up within the gaming industry. To see what degree you will need to pursue this role, check out

Character designer
This is a multi-skilled role which will see you creating the look and feel of complex characters. As a talented illustrator and animator, you will be responsible for the initial design and the padding out of characters. Each character will need a backstory and a goal, giving them a personality which can be then used in a game. Every element of the character will have to be carefully thought out, with consideration to how the design can be animated effectively and realistically. You will need to be both creatively, and technically experienced to be a successful character designer. For more information about what experience you need for this role, visit

3D modeler
As the job title suggests, you will create 3D computer models, allowing images to be seen from three sides. You will turn initial ideas and 2D sketches into 3D models to determine the efficacy of each one. This is an essential role, asin gaming, it needs to be determined that all ideas and sketches can translate into characters, backgrounds, and accessories that work. Sometimes ideas may not work, and this is where your expertise comes into play.

Professional gamer
Yes, there really is a career that involves playing video games all day. As a professional gamer you will need to be heavily invested in gaming to a competitive level. This is for those that play for around eight hours a day, honing skills and completing levels quickly and efficiently. You will enter competitions, and, if you are good enough, will receive sponsorship that can see you make gaming a career. Competitive gaming is seen as a sport, and there are several competitions with huge cash prizes. Find out more, here.

With so many avenues open to those that enjoy gaming, you could soon be turning a hobby into a full-time career. Experience is key, so ensure you approach local companies or individuals with the career you want to find out how you can achieve it.


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