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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Why Herbalife is a Big Player in the Health and Nutrition Market

If you’re not already familiar with Herbalife Nutrition, allow this article to provide you with a brief overview regarding what is, perhaps, one of the best multi-level marketing corporations to ever sell and market nutrition supplements.

To further emphasize this point, let’s turn our attention to the company's sponsored athlete Heather Jackson; she is a Princeton University alumna who, after teaching English to students in South East Asia as well as teaching world history to students in California, discovered her true passion, sports.

This realization precipitated a career in ice hockey that later led to her becoming a professional triathlete, not to mention an ambassador for Herbalife Nutrition. Since becoming a professional triathlete in 2009, Jackson has earned multiple top spots at more than one Ironman 70.3 triathlons. And if all of this wasn’t enough, she recently set a new Wildflower Long Course Triathlon course record, a swim-bike-run race that has been held in Central California since 1983.

Needless to say, Heather Jackson attributes much of her success in professional sports to her use of the company's products; it should be noted that she is a professional athlete that, actually, practices what she preaches. Jackson not only endorses the company’s products but also uses them personally; according to, she relies on a variety of products to help her break through plateaus, improve her endurance, and train harder than ever.

Now that we have some background on one of their standout, sponsored athletes, let’s take a closer look at the company. Founded in 1980, Herbalife is a California-based multi-level marketing company that prides themselves on being a holistic purveyor of all things having to do with nutrition. The company boasts a workforce of approximately 8,000 people worldwide and has assets totaling $468 million. In addition, Herbalife routinely seeks opportunities to grow and evolve; in 2002, for example, they acquired JH Whitney and Company as well as Golden Gate Capital, before becoming an NYSE publicly traded company in 2004.

As far as the company's products are concerned, consumers can expect to find a myriad of products that are all aimed at improving the health of the consumer. In an effort to appeal to a large cross-section of people, Herbal life carries a line of products that are marketed to vegetarians as well as products for those who must adhere to a strictly kosher diet. Some of the company's products include

  • Skin care products

  • Meal-replacement shakes

  • Digestive health products

  • Heart health products

Needless to say, the company's product portfolio is very extensive and has something for nearly everyone who is interested in complementing an already healthy lifestyle or those who maybe just started their health and fitness journey.

If you have read this far into the article, you’re probably interested in learning more about this highly successful multi-level marketing company; if so, you’re encouraged to visit them online at for more information.


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