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Monday, April 1, 2019

"Le Cirque de Nuit" Lights up Idle Rogue for 2019 Production

Meegan Danitz's whimsical, magical performance from the 2018 Production

Magic sparkles across the skies above Idle Rogue as the beloved production, Le Cirque de Nuit awakens for 2019. Bookings for coveted reserved seats can be made starting today, April 1st. If you think you've seen this show before, you haven't.

Basing their work on Erin Morgenstern’s novel, "The Night Circus", dance entertainers of Idle Rogue Productions lead enchanted audiences back into a steampunk circus that is refurbished, and presented, as Idle Rogue's flagship production each year. The 2019 Production is directed by Blaze DeVivre with the assistance of Sho Kyong. 

Morgenstern’s story, set in the 19th century and traversing Europe and the US, is an intrigue that sees a natural-born magician pitted in ruthless competition against a highly trained illusionist. The arena for their battle is a traveling circus, and each bout adds more dazzling illusion to the wildly popular, but always enigmatic, Night Circus.

Lynxa Wolfe's chilling number, returning from the 2018 Production
Using the novel’s setting as a background to their own stories, Idle Rogue’s production features dance acts with steampunk, illusion and circus themes, each built, as is the Idle Rogue tradition, by the dancer performing it.  While some acts are carried forward from the previous year, they are balanced with news acts in a creative blend that makes every year's production unique.

Interstitial Art Installation 
True to the novel, the Circus acts, props and costumes are created in black and white. Dance acts are interspersed with viewings of art installations constructed in blazing colour and we are delighted to announce that this year’s guests include renowned artists, Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost.

Idle Rogue is once again joined by special guests Seanchai Library, who will provide opening entertainment with a selected reading from "The Night Circus" by Caledonia Skytower, whose story-telling skills are well known in Second Life, adding a literary lustre our audiences thoroughly enjoyed in 2018.

Performance Dates and Times for 2019 (all times slt):
  • Friday 19 April at 10pm
  • Saturday 20 April at 2pm
  • Sunday 21 April at 7pm
  • Friday 26 April at 10pm
  • Saturday 27 April at 7pm
  • Sunday 28 April at 2pm

Seats for this popular production fill up fast. While there is no admission for the performances, seats must be booked in advance. Saturday Melody will be available online 24/7, beginning April 1st until all six performances are booked.  Please contact her to reserve seat(s) and to be added to the access list to the performance area for your booked time and date.  Timestamps of messages will determine the order in which bookings are processed.

Audiences are reminded that dance entertainment performances rely heavily on the resources of the sim. Those attending shows can assist the show by reducing their script usage - removing non-essential HUDS, facelights and particles, and by checking for highly scripted hair and jewelry. This consideration is very much appreciated!



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