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Friday, May 3, 2019

The Role of Certified Mail in Consumer Protection

Even if you are not a frequent postal mailer, you have definitely heard about certified mail. Many people who don’t have any idea about certified mail think of it as some sort of legal compliance in certain situations. However, that’s not the case.
Certified mail can be your any postal item. The main upside of any certified mail is that it provides mailer with a proof of delivery. This feature of certified mail comes in really handy when you are dealing with different consumer protection issues.
Let’s see how certified mail can help consumers when they are particularly dealing with financial institutions.

Resolving Dispute with a Debt Collector

If you want to dispute a debt, then certified mail is the best way of correspondence. To begin with, any debt collection company with a certain physical address can’t refuse to receive a dispute letter when it comes as a certified mail. They are well aware of the consequences of not signing the receipt.
But why we are sending a postal mail when there are emails and faxes to work with? The simple reason for preferring certified mail over other ways of written correspondence is you don’t get the proof in the rest of the methods.
Email inboxes are overfilled with mail and your dispute letter can easily get lost in it. The chances of your electronic letter ending up in spam folders are also high. And even if the dispute letter is sent on the correct address and received by the intended recipient, he/she can wipe out the proof with a single click (by deleting it). On the other hand, the fax confirmation sheet is also not admissible proof that you have sent the letter.
This lack of proof makes contemporary written correspondence less reliable than a certified postal mail.

Also Better than Oral Correspondence

Many people just don’t want their debt collectors to constantly buzz them with calls on workplaces, residential numbers, and cell phones. Moreover, the calls don’t end up well when the topic of discussion is dispute resolution. Also, debt collectors know how to gaslight their consumers, especially during oral conversations. Certified mail provides a better alternative to phone calls.
The use of certified mail is not just limited to correspond with debt collectors. Although rare, sometimes credit reporting agencies and furnishers also make mistakes in their reports. If you identify any error in the reporting, then the best way to convey your concern to the relevant authorities is again a certified mail.

Dealing With a Mortgage Company

Dealing with any mortgage company is always a tricky rope to tread. The general uncooperative and unfriendly mannerism of the people working there adds insult to injury. The better way to deal with the problematic staffer of any mortgage company is to use certified mail.
Whether you want to send a request for information or making any correspondence to invoke loss mitigation, it is better if you use mail that comes with proof i.e. certified mail.  As mentioned earlier, mortgage guys can be pretty bad. There are instances when they even completely deny that they have received any parcel or package. Somehow, it looks like there is no other way around to deal with mortgage companies except certified mail.
In short, any mail that could entail litigation can be secured by giving it the status of a certified mail.

How Certified Mail Makes All the Difference?

In certified mail, the proof of delivery is either the green card or the electronic return receipt duly signed by the receiver along with the date and their designation. This gives you solid evidence that can be later used to pin down a deceitful entity.
These signed mail receipts prove to be of great importance when matters aggravate and go to any court of law. Judge and jury put their weight the party that comes with tangible and undeniable proofs. One can say that any devious organization can get around the proof of certified mail by stating that someone else has signed the receipt in its name. This defense is just counterproductive. It doesn’t only prove to be of any help in front of the judge and jury, but it also taints their business reputation.  

Certified Mail Also Establishes Your Authority

Financial organizations are ruthless in their dealings. Many of them operate with a predator mentality and use all the deceit, lying, and manipulation to shut in their consumers. Using apologetic and explanatory conduct while dealing with them only makes matters worse.
If you know that your claim/question/dispute is fair and lawful, then you must assert this by all means. Besides having the body of the letter written in a convincing and certain tone, it is also important to send it in the most commanding manner.
Certified mail gives you this option where you can make you correspondences more assertive. They look more formal and official as if sent out by an authority. Moreover, signing the document signals the recipients that the mailer means business and sticks at nothing.  

What Comes with Certified Mail?

There are various features of the proof of certified mail. First of all, you can provide the proof through the dispatch date verified through a third-party. The tracking record and delivery confirmation from a third party can also prove to be solid evidence besides the green card or electronic return receipt.

Ease of Use

Do you think preparing and sending out a certified mail is as lengthy and exhaustive as the majority of legal paperwork? Rest assured, it is not like anything like that. With the help of a third party mailing service, you don’t have to do anything extra. You can complete the entire process from the convenience of your home. This informational post can give you a clear idea of how to send a certified mail.

Final Words

You can ensure the protection of your rights as a consumer by making the relevant correspondence through certified mail. Those few extra bucks that you are going to spend on certified mail might eventually save you hundreds and thousands of dollars.


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