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Friday, September 27, 2019

Living Life Online: Using the Internet for Work and Play

Many of us seem to find ourselves spending more and more time online, whether its watching TV shows, playing video games or for work purposes. One of the great advantages of being familiar with how to use the internet is that you can use it to make money or to start a business. There are plenty of online gaming competitions, for example, where players can make millions of dollars by winning tournaments. If you use the internet for work or for your business, here are some top tips for making the most of it in your professional life. 
Keep Websites Up to Date
If you have a business, then it is more than likely you will have a website. One of the most important things you can do with regards to website admin is to keep it up to date. This is important for two main reasons: for security and for appearances. 
From a security perspective, you will need to make sure that your site is running on the latest software and has the latest security patches. If you do not regularly review these, then you run the risk of your site being hacked and having all of the data stolen. Keeping your website up to date also shows your customers that you are still in business and that you are a professional company who cares about their branding.  
Find Specific Deals for Your Business
A small or new business, in particular, is likely to be savvy when it comes to buying products and services from suppliers. The internet opens up a whole new world for small business where they can shop around for the best deals and see prices from many different companies all in one place. 
Whether the business is operating online or offline, you will be able to use the internet for services that are relevant for you. A car garage may need to find specialist motor trade insurance; whereas a website company may require a business phone line and internet connection. Searching online for better deals rather than renewing with the same provider every year is likely to save you money. 
Use Social Media to Interact with Customers
Social media accounts should be used to inform customers about news to do with the business, but they are very much a two-way street. The very nature of social media is that businesses should be social with other businesses and their customers. The great thing about social media is that you can respond quickly and efficiently to customers. 
Another aspect the customers in particular love about social media is that it can be used to hold companies to account. When a customer has a complaint, then one of the first things they will do is head to a platform like Twitter to call out the company and get a response. Acknowledging these types of complaint is often much better than ignoring them which can lead to the problem becoming even bigger.


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