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Monday, December 2, 2019


Second Life is best known for its live music scene as a top form of entertainment. Musicians and singers from all over the world showcase their talents across the grid on a daily basis in all time zones.  Through the years music has grown wildly popular for the swooners, club hoppers and e-groupies alike. Genres include rock, pop, jazz, blues, country, hip hop and everything in between. With hundreds of performances it’s easy to find a great show. One couple took it to the next level.

Devin’s Eye’s is a unique 2 sims rezzed into one!  A photographic hotspot where you will find a forest, desert, beach and many chill places to wander. Friends of nature and photographers will want to explore this evocative location. Take your lover to a romantic dance, enjoy the view from the pier or relax at the beach and experience something new and exciting;  Music without Makeup! It is a unique experience created and hosted by Roy and Ally Mildor; owners of Devin’s Eye.

 Sit down with artists and hear their rise to SL fame in between songs and sharing stories about themselves and the music.  Everyone is encouraged to ask questions and truly get to meet the artist.

The setting at Devins Eye overlooks the ocean with chairs around a firepit. The atmosphere is best described by The Mildors’ themselves who say;  No venue rules n ´sh*t”. No rules for the singer on what to wear, to sing, to say... Performer can do what they want,try new songs or talk to people, there's no time limit, no rush, no stage, no dance balls .....just a cosy round. YOU can ask questions or give feedback to songs he or she might never have performed before. We want to  give personal attention to singers in Second Life.”

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Devin’s Eye


  1. Great description about our sim and project "Music without Makeup". Thank you so much :)