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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

What you can do to make your online presence better

Running a successful online business can be a challenge — for one, you don’t always have regular hours you might have with an office job. No matter what area of industry you work in, you’ll want to use your time to its fullest and get as much out of the hours you spend working on your business as possible.

So how do you present yourself and your online brand better? There are processes that you can make more efficient, effective plans you can put into action, and other improvements you can make to your online presence. These are some suggestions that you could think about implementing as part of your business strategy:

Optimize your website for mobile
A mobile-friendly website is crucial. People use their phones to search the internet more than they do on their laptops, tablets or computers. It’s thought that the number of smartphone users is expected to grow to 2.87 billion in 2020, meaning that searches on phones are likely to increase.

As well as having a site that looks attractive, it should also be optimized for mobile devices. Being mobile friendly is a ranking factor for Google, and it is also important for your SEO (search engine optimization). You can use mobile-friendly test tools to check how Google Search will see your pages.

Create content with value
Every piece of online content contributes to a site’s online presence, and the organization that publishes them. This could be a blog post, an infographic or a video.

Content marketing is a great way of introducing your brand, so producing relevant, informative and engaging content should be paramount. High-quality content is preferred by Google, so your site will rank higher in search results. Being at the top of these results will boost your presence and increase growth, as well as sales.

Use keywords and backlinks
You should research keywords and phrases that are relevant to your brand. Also update items such as headers, links, bold text and other formatted items on all the pages and posts on your website. With your unique content, use uncommon subject lines that fit your brand and the audience you want to attract from search engine results.

One way to boost your online presence swiftly is to build backlinks and promote social sharing. This is because Google decides what is relevant or useful based on shares and backlinks, which is why backlinking is an important part of SEO. Using backlinking services will help you rank higher in search results, which will improve your online visibility.

Streamline your brand and social media pages

This will be beneficial to your online presence. Create social media profiles on the top-performing platforms for your target audience and demographics, and use the same page name, which should match your business name to minimize the risk of confusion. Use a high-quality logo that uses the same colors on all your accounts, and post updates in the same manner and voice.


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