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Friday, August 7, 2020

Is Losing Streak In Slots a Thing?

Unfortunately, the only guarantee in gambling is that you will hit more losing streaks than winning ones. Losing streaks also tend to last longer too. This is hardly surprising when you consider the gambling set up at a casino. All the games come with a house edge and this is vital to the survival of the casino. Slots at Dream Jackpot have the biggest house edge of all games but it cannot be too large otherwise punters will lose interest and not return to play if they can never win. You also have to factor in that your fate is in the hands of a computer chip known as a RNG or Random Number Generator. This microchip actually creates slot spins through number sequences and this also turns the odds in the casino’s favour as well.

A Cautious Approach Is Best 

If you do not have the financial security of high rollers then it is best to be cautious with your slots play and consider all the odds that are stacked against you. Taking up multiple bonus offers at various reputable casinos can help you ride through losing streaks with casino cash rather than your own. You do have to put in your own deposit in to trigger the free cash bonus, but this usually means that you have double the funds and this can give you more of a chance of turning a losing streak into a winning one. 

Be Gamble Savvy 

There is a fine art to gambling and practice and mistakes make perfect. The hardest part of gambling is judging when to cash out. If you are on a winning streak it is very tempting to carry on spinning as you can find yourself in a once in a blue moon situation. A sensible approach is to make small regular withdrawals as you play. This prevents you from losing everything should your luck suddenly turn. Other smart gambling moves are to set deposit limits on all your accounts that accurately reflect your budget. Deposit limits are the best way of limiting your spending and losses.

Other Tips To Prevent Losing Streaks

Some punters swear by the RTP score of slots. This is also known as the Return To Player percentage and the general rule is that the higher the score, the more likely the slot you are playing will return a percentage of your stake back to you. Some players do not touch slots with scores of 95% or lower.  If you want to put the theory to the test then it’s best to spin a game that has an RTP score of 97% or higher. These slots do not guarantee wins, but they could be exactly what is needed to break a slots losing streak.

 Final Thoughts

Slots losing streaks to exist and so do winning streaks, losing streaks happen more often due to the house edge games have over punters. Setting deposit limits and playing games with high RTP scores can help halt slots losing streaks.


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