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Thursday, October 15, 2020

The Craziest Bets In Casinos

We are sure pretty much everybody knows it by now, but the money in the overall casino industry is absolutely ridiculous these days, and has been for a while now. In fact, back in the 1800s the newly invented game of roulette ended up making Central European casinos so rich that they were banned from the continent in everywhere but Monte Carlo. 

This is a perfect example of the amount of money that is brought in by the industry each and every year, something that mainly comes as a consequence of some absolutely huge bets being made. Most of us cannot afford to do some of the things that the people in this craziest bets in casinos list have done, although some of these people couldn’t really afford it either! Read on for some of the craziest bets in casinos, including

Ashley Revell 

Ashley Revell is responsible for probably the most famous crazy casino bet the world has ever seen, mainly because it was all televised! Oh yes, ITV were lucky enough to be able to follow Mr Revell on a trip across the Atlantic that could well have ended up a whole load worse than it actually did. You see, this young British professional decided to sell all of his worldly possessions and head to Las Vegas, with the hope of gambling away essentially his entire life on one spin of a roulette wheel. 

Can you imagine ever doing this? Let alone in front of a TV crew relaying the footage to millions across the world? Ashley Revell was a brave man to do this, you really cannot argue with that, and luckily enough for him he actually ended up winning too. You would do well to find any crazier bets made in casinos over the years, in fact several Las Vegas casinos turned down Ashley Revell’s bet before he could even make it. Many gamblers would have kept wagering after a win of that size, however Ashley Revell hasn’t even gambled since. Good on him! 

William Lee Bergstrom 

Every so often a gambler becomes famous in Las Vegas because of a blatant disregard for typically sized bets, bringing new meaning to the word “high roller”. Well, William Lee Bergstrom is probably the most famous one of these people even today, as his bets were often so large that he had to bring a suitcase full of cash to the casino with him. This actually earned him the nickname The Suitcase Man and also Phantom Gambler, testimony to the utterly outrageous bets he was known to make back in the 20th century. 

William Lee Bergstrom first announced himself on the Las Vegas casino gambling stage when he placed a ridiculous $777,000 bet at the Horseshoe Casino – the largest casino bet ever recorded at the time, and a whole 2.5 million dollars in today’s money. Bergstrom won it of course, and this kick-started his reputation as a fearless high roller. Many years later, however, he lost a million dollar bet that also ruined his life.


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