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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Is a group conference with your friend list considered spamming? Inquiring minds wanna know

Hey peeps it’s Lanai *takes a seat* 

It’s been a while since I’ve written an open diary to SLE fans and friends. Since I have a little time on my hands…

 I like to think whoever is following SLE enjoys the various topics we post and the interviews with some amazing and talented people. Those on my friend list are friends or at least friendly acquaintances. Obviously, At some point, we met and accepted each other’s friendship. If you don’t have a sense of humor you are in for a rocky friendship. As you can see, I can be a bit shameless at times...

With that said, I like to remain behind the scenes as I do my thing and spend time with friends doing fun stuff. After 16 years in Second Life, I’ve managed to ward off most of the griefers with a random SLE police report here and there. I’m not afraid to poke fun at myself either.

 It seems there has been a rash of Karens showing themselves now too.  Let’s keep it real. Ain’t nobody got time for that”...With all the madness in RL, we come here to be creative, share our skills and talents, socialize on a grand scale and just have fun. I cannot for the life of me understand the mind of a Karen.

Most of the time I spend in SL I am helping others and being involved with the community. I have to say it’s a fun adventure after all this time but I felt the need to address something that happened this morning and ask for your advice. This will also bring me some clarity so that if you feel disturbed by any of my friend conferences or even personal IMs, group notices, Please Unfriend me or leave the group.  I actually got reported to LL from someone on my friend list this morning that didn’t like my friend conference. 

 [07:17] SL Karen*: Hi Lanai, no matter what your business is, it's rude to spam people on your friends list. I separate my contact lists into contact sets so I am not spamming. I unticked the see me online so you can't spam. And I did report your spam to SL.

*Name changed to protect Karen’s Identity

What the heck!?!  Wouldn’t it be easier to just unfriend me? 

When I send out friend conferences once in a while with free advertising giveaways or an invite to join in a game night, I’m not out here sending notices with random TPs without an explanation or acting the fool with people on my friend list..  

*flushes and washes my hands*

So, here’s my question….Is a friend list conference rude and considered spamming? Does this mean I should worry about sending IMs to my friends? I’m confused.

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  1. In the grand scheme of things it is a nano-second or your life to click off if you don't want to read something. When it's done for business reasons like offering a product and not done often it's fine. I think those that have to take the time to bitch about it and then take the time to report it (which we all know is utter BS) those people Karens or Davids are just looking for things to complain about since their life isn't that grand anyways. Like what I say to those people in real life when they approach me "I am sorry Muffin did you think today was the day I wanted your opinion on my life or what I do? It is not so move along"

    1. By law nowadays people have to opt in to recieve advertising (GDPR), at least in Europe they do, so if any of your friends are European you are technically breaking the law. Personally though, I hate when they happens, and I would knock you off my list and tell you why, that's my opinion on it anyway

    2. Do they not agree to receive any form of communication when they agree to a friendship. When you agree to a friendship doesn't that include msging them?

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  3. People get butthurt over the goofiest stuff. A conference call with friends is fine. I've received several from you in the past. I attempted to attend one. I've never had any issues with it.

  4. I don't have an issue with conferences, but mass tp's and adds getting sent is a pain

    1. "D" from the other side of the gridWednesday, June 9, 2021 at 12:39:00 PM PDT

      In Lanai's defense, she was giving out free advertising to her friendlist today. I know because I'm on her list. She rarely sends out friendlist conferences and if she does its something entertaining. I've advertised many times with her and think it's a perk being on her friend because this newspaper is a very valuable service for anyone in sl. she is a professional and always a nice person even if she is sitting on a toilet for this post lolololol!!!! We love you Lanai!


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