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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Tips To Get Around The Worlds In Second Life And The Best Places To Drive

If you’re familiar with Second Life, you’ll already be aware of the worlds in the environment and the various places you can visit by teleportation - but do you also know it’s possible to travel on everything from a bus to a hovercraft or a horse?

The best way to get around Second Life

One of the best ways to make your way around Second Life is by buying a car which will give you the ultimate freedom to explore the worlds and see things in more detail and at your own pace.

Compared to real life, getting a car is easy within the platform, and many vehicles are even provided free of charge. As with so many other aspects of Second Life, car shipping is so much easier when compared to the real world – as your vehicle will spawn instantly -but if you do need help shipping a car, there are many good options out there. 

Using the map to plan routes

Most users rely on the World Map for travel in Second Life, with two maps available. The map at is probably the best and easiest to use to get a full idea of the world and plan journeys. Using the in-world map can often end up a slow and glitchy process - particularly if you have too many maps features enabled. 

The best driving routes in Second Life

Every user has their own preference in Second Life; however, there are some notably scenic routes available across the mainland and Lionheart continent. Indeed, it’s even possible to race at tracks in the game - and at many of them, you’ll also be able to buy new vehicles. 

If city driving is more what you’re looking for, try the extensive road network around Sim City. The best way to access these areas is to click maps then search for shopping, bringing up a vast array of roads suitable for driving. Midnight City and Ecstasy City also have renowned road networks, which feel almost as palpable as driving around a city in real life.

Other users suggest the road from just below Rodeo near the Spook House in the direction of Linden Village is great for driving, while Racers Island is also another popular spot to take a cruise in your Second Life vehicle. 

Another great area for driving can be found at Stratos - a huge, relatively empty area that was built specifically for racing Italian race cars. The track is long and varied, initially spiraling around a mountain before going underwater for a short section and then ending up in a more standard race track layout. 

Other forms of transport available in Second Life

With approximately 900,000 users scattered all around the world - and many of them taking to constructing their own models available for purchase in the game - there’s literally every type of transport imaginable available in Second Life. Although you’ll need to pay for many of these forms of transport, you could end up owning everything from a spaceship to a motorbike or a catamaran.


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