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Showing posts with label Annabis Moody. Show all posts

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MEMORIAL TRIBUTE: Gone but Not Forgotten: A Tribute to Annabis Moody/Sharonna Spyker

Staff Reporter
• Tuesday, November 30, 2010
by Shon Charisma

It's so hard to say goodbye to someone who has touched your life and your heart; many on the SL grid and IRL are learning this now as their dear friend, Annabis Moody/Sharonna Spyker (Anne Cunningham IRL) lost her bout with cancer just before Thanksgiving. However, by remembering her exuberant spirit and encouragement, it is helping to lessen the pain of such a major loss.

smile, laugh, love, explore, express

These are the words that grace the profile of Annabis Moody, and they are words that embodied a woman who many thought to be sweet, good-hearted, and able to make others tap into their potential and aspire to accomplish their goals.

Sharonna was a Jacqueline of all trades--a host, model, an owner of club Dream Away, COO of ZHENYA ZONING Real Estate (ZEN), manager of Zensuality and land manager, independent music promoter for ZEN LIVE, cyberjournalist (working for SL Enquirer), and PSG Sandbox Admin, among other things.