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Showing posts with label Azriahl. Show all posts

Monday, July 12, 2010

MUSICIAN SPOTLIGHT-Azriahl Alternative Rock- Sandy Demina Reporting...

Staff Reporter
• Monday, July 12, 2010
Ontario native Kevin Kennedy (also known as Azriahl) brings a knife's edge to his solo acoustic performance as well as power and command in full band format. This is not the usual strumming balladeer. Soulful curios sifted from post-grunge rubble combine with his earthy candor to create rich songs and lyrical imagery. As broad as his northern home land, Azriahl's influences span the edgy rock of Alice in Chains, introspect of Radiohead, and gives a respectful nod to storytellers like Bob Dylan.
More than a decade behind the microphone has given Kevin an easy going but seasoned stage presence that engages his audience. He has the experience and instinct to absorb a crowd's energy and give it back in his performance. He thrives on it in fact and lively performances and approachability make Azriahl a crowd favorite anywhere he goes.
Typically, Azriahl’s sound falls into “Hard Rock Alternative”, and is always adding to his list of original songs as well as personalizing covers to breathe fresh life into inspiring tracks. As a band, they love outdoor festivals and gatherings, willing to place their music into the hearts and minds of anyone in attendance.
Azriahl after 2 years and half of live performance in Second Life is not so much inworld as before.However I've been lucky to catch him on line and so he kindly responded to my usual little virtual interview...