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Showing posts with label Crazy Eights. Show all posts

Friday, May 6, 2016

Seanchai Library Enters Final Month on LEA 9

LEA 9, Second Life – "The Kraken has arrived at Crazy Eights on LEA Region 9, so it must be near the end."  Seanchai Library will be wrapping up its residency among the core regions in the Linden Endowment for the Arts Estate this month.

Crazy Eights opened on LEA 9 January 31st, billed as a celebration of the art of stories and spoken word in Second Life.  To date, there have been 31 individual events, presenting over 40 hours of live voice presentations, featuring over 30 storytellers, authors, poets and voice performers.  Over one thousand individual residents have visited LEA 9 for events, or to wander and explore. Many returned and Crazy Eights is proud to report a 2:1 ratio of unique to return visits.

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Celebration Continues: Spoken Word on LEA 9

"The Valley Forge" docks in the featured Book Area on LEA 9

It is April at Crazy Eights on LEA Region 9, and even though the birthday party itself is a not-so-dim memory, the party is not over yet.  There's plenty more yet to come at Seanchai Library's celebration of stories and spoken word, including an observance of National Poetry Month (in the U.S.) and the arrival of the spaceship "Valley Forge" for Featured Book Series #3's presentation of "Silent Running."

Friday, February 19, 2016


The Craziness has only just begun on LEA 9, as the first month of Seanchai Library's celebration of stories and spoken word continues.

Special Events still to come in February include:

* Sunday, February 21st at 3pm slt in the Crazy Eights Arena:
The very first ever STORYTELLERS' SANDBOX session; providing a forum for new stories, new storytellers, and new ways to present them.  The first Sandbox will feature Artist and Storyteller Hana Hoo, self-published author Dulcie Mills with her newest work, and the ever creative Trolley Trollop with "The TAO of Martha."  Crazy Eights Arena