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Showing posts with label Happy Birthday. Show all posts

Friday, July 10, 2020


Because we celebrate everything on Friday nights here at Synergy Island, this time it’s a special party for our favorite entertainer DJ Weebs! Yes, he has made it through another year and now we all can let him know how much we care about the old fart!  lol Get on your favorite birthday party outfits and come party with us MAYHEM style! Let’s make this a night Weebs will not soon forget!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy 4th Rez Day Persia Bravin - Lanai Jarrico

Lanai and Persia taking on King Kong in October, 2009.

Dear Persia,

Since we met and worked together, I knew you would continue to be a driving force in virtual world media.  You are a great leader in all that you do and I'm so proud of your accomplishments and continued contribution to the Second Life community .

 Beauty, knowledge and experience being some of your best qualities, you have a great sense of humor and all around great person to know.  I can ramble on about all the adventures we got into through the years, from going to concets and events to witnessing you slapping the bujesus out of Philip Linden by accident.  In 7 years, that was one of the most  memorable moments I had. Thank you for that. You truly are like a virtual sister and a riot to know .  I wish you a Happy 4th Rez day and many more great years ahead.  BTW Welcome to the Cougar club! After 4 years you will begin to question if you are a virtual world junkie or an expert...

Opps 4th!


xoxo Lanai